myBrother Portable All-in-One

The myBrother is an portable all-in-one. You can scan, copy or print data that you send via bluetooth or usb from your laptop or smartphone – using the Brother app. It is also albe to work indepently from these devices, but with pre-configured or default settings.
The ideia behind myBrother is to reduce the volume of this so little used equipment by using thermal printing. This method uses thermal paper, a special fine paper that is coated with a chemical that changes color when exposed to heat. Nowadays to replace the toners of traditional all-in-one’s you end up spending almost the same of a new printer. With thermal printing you don’t need to replace anything and each sheet costs less than 0.10€.

Inside the box are the rolls that pull the paper by its non-printable margins, a CCD-array for scanning, and rolls for thermal printing.

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