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Amazing Retro Celebrities Photography

When Victoria Will attended the Sundance Film Festival, she get the idea to bring back old film memories using her amazing retro photo manipulation. The “Tintypes” series is a photography work by Victoria Will, she used an old tin-type camera and development process to create retro photographs of the

Beautiful Pencil Shaving Art By Mart Altes

Marta Altes is presenting cute pencil shaving illustrations in her portfolio. Each of this image is really creative and beautiful, these images giving really happy feelings and raising your mind level to top that how she had so clever idea.

Be Like Water by Design Cartel

The Design Cartel although is a newborn design studio, it existed in our minds and in our hearts for many years. Finally, the right time came and now they bring it into the world! Passion for design and advertising, longing for constant creativity and breakthrough ideas are all it’s

PATRON by Gaze Olga

PATRON is not a commercial project and it is made by Gaze Olga. Tequila PATRON is made from exclusive sort of blue agave. Premium drink for gourmets. Three type of tequila in this project: silver, anejo and reposado. Image of capital letter of names was identified for each type