Beautiful Pencil Shaving Art By Mart Altes

Marta Altes is presenting cute pencil shaving illustrations in her portfolio. Each of this image is really creative and beautiful, these images giving really happy feelings and raising your mind level to top that how she had so clever idea.

Amazing Water Drops Photography

A drop is a small support of liquid, restricted totally or almost completely by free surfaces. A simple way to form a drop is to let liquid to flow gradually from the lower end of a vertical tube of small distance. Click here for more photos..

40 Amazing Coffee Print Ads

A variety of advertising companies, advertising websites and advertising agents are available to make unique, brand new and great Ads which may be employed for the marketing and publicity of your business. As the managers of every company or the small or large scale business man are looking for

10 Delicious Christmas Desserts for 2012

Christmas is coming up soon. Christmas is not only a time to gather and cherish but also share the sweetness by making sweet things such as Christmas desserts. This usually includes cakes, Christmas special cupcakes, chocolate cookies, gingerbread house and many more.

20 Free Photoshop Patterns

Patterns actually can be found almost everywhere in print design, web design, graphic design etc. For example if you use pattern in web design, just set CSS repeat-x-y and you’ll get beautiful background, but image will be very small and page load time will be much faster. There are