How to Download a Free CV From Zety


Zety provides a free resume download in plain text format and a two-week free trial, but if you wish to customize and proofread it yourself, a premium subscription may be required.

This resume builder allows you to easily create and organize sections, such as personal profiles, work experience, and education. Furthermore, pre-written bullet points help optimize the content presentation.

Create an account

Zety is an online resume builder offering over 20 templates optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS). Furthermore, the service provides expert insights and tips for creating your resume; their wizard makes the process effortless.

Once you create an account, the next step in building your resume is easy and takes only minutes! Create a new resume from scratch or edit an existing one if necessary. When complete, you can save it as a PDF or Word document to easily be shared on social media or sent directly to potential employers.

Creating an account on Zety is free; sign up using Facebook or Gmail and enjoy all its features! Plus, you can download your resume as a PDF document – though fees may be involved.

Zety offers more comprehensive document creation capabilities than simple resumes; more than 200 professional CV templates, including both one- and two-page options, are available, along with font styles, layouts, and colors to select. Plus, you can upload personal photos and links directly to the site!

Zety goes beyond helping you craft your CV – it also offers cover letter builders and job listing databases, mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, quick customer support services with live representative assistance, and more!

Select a template

Creating an appealing and professional-looking CV is paramount when applying for new employment. A quality CV should be organized and concise while highlighting your unique skills and qualifications. A great way to do this is using a resume template tailored to the industry you’re applying to. For instance, a more modern minimalist design may suit more creative positions, while more formal designs might better suit banking or finance-related applications.

Zety offers an assortment of templates designed to be easily read and includes summaries for every job held and graphs showcasing skills and achievements. Their customizable nature makes them suitable for use across industries and simple for beginners.

Zety offers another useful feature – creating a professional PDF version of your CV. However, remember that this file won’t include the template selected in its builder.

Zety offers an outstanding selection of professional resume templates. Their sleek and sleek designs provide plenty of whitespace for you to fill. Additionally, these resume templates are ATS-friendly – meaning they automatically format text to make it easy for an HR representative to read.

Zety makes building resumes easy with its registration and log-in process that takes mere minutes, including signing up using Facebook or Gmail if that simplifies the process. Zety offers free trial accounts to try out its services before committing to subscription plans.

This site also boasts an expansive knowledge base for job seekers, featuring step-by-step guides on creating resumes, cover letters, or interview preparation. In addition, its built-in spell checker and text suggestion features can enhance writing abilities.

Customize the document

Zety is an easy-to-use resume-building tool that lets you quickly create professional documents in minutes online. Offering various career field templates and its user-friendly wizard, the website helps users select appropriate content and optimize searchability by suggesting keywords to add. In addition, experts provide expert insights into what hiring managers look for when reviewing resumes and tips on making their resume stand out against the competition.

After selecting a template, you can customize your document by choosing fonts, colors, and formatting features such as page numbers or changing the page size toggle. Plus, you can even change the header and footer text and images. When your work is complete, you can preview and download it or create an account to save and access it later.

Choose from over 20 professional-looking templates and customize them according to your specifications. The software is user-friendly, requiring no prior experience for maximum convenience. Your document can be saved in several formats, such as PDF or Microsoft Word, for easy downloading on any device – plus, it’s even mobile-friendly so that you can access your resume from wherever it may be needed!

This online resume-building tool also offers a cover letter and portfolio builder designed to complement each other and be shareable with prospective employers. The cover letter builder matches your resume perfectly. At the same time, the portfolio feature allows you to track how many people view it – providing an effective way to monitor progress while improving document form.

Zety has earned a 4.2 customer review on Trustpilot and provides a free trial service. While Zety does not include an in-built job application checker, its features help target your resume to a specific job advertisement: its search function lets you locate relevant keywords while the checker highlights those found within a job ad; additionally, its user-friendly interface and top-quality designs also add value.

Download it

A curriculum vitae (CV) is a document that highlights your work experience, education, and skills in an objective format. Zety offers various templates to create high-quality resumes that increase the odds of getting interviews; finance, IT, and healthcare engineering are just a few examples, among many more!

This website is easy to navigate, and its free templates comply with ATS criteria. In addition, there is a built-in tool to assist with formatting your resume: changing font size, line spacing, and margins, optimizing date formatting, and emphasizing key achievements in your career will all make the document appear better and more straightforward for recruiters to read.

Customers can reach Zety’s customer support via phone and email from Monday to Friday; representatives are highly responsive – typically only a two-minute wait time on phone support and less than 24-hour response times for email responses. Many customers have raved about Zety’s customer service representatives being helpful and polite!

Zety may not provide unlimited revisions, but you still can customize your resume and cover letter by changing their contents, header, footer, and font color – or using pre-made icons to add a personal touch to your documents.

Indeed is an effective resume builder with an outstanding rating on Trustpilot, offering users an intuitive interface and making customizing your resume easy. Furthermore, Indeed offers job-related templates and an advanced search feature that enables them to locate positions matching their qualifications more quickly.

If you want a job, creating a professionally written resume is essential. While creating one may be time-consuming and costly, an online resume builder simplifies the process and can instantly share your results with recruiters or potential employers.

Kickresume offers several advantages over Zety, including its more extensive library of templates and customization options. Furthermore, Kickresume allows you to create your website, an excellent way of marketing yourself online. Students and teachers also qualify for six months of Premium for free – plenty of time to create an outstanding resume!