A Business Proposal Webtoon


A Business Proposal, available exclusively on Netflix, has quickly won fans since its release. Starring Sejung Kim and Hyoseop Ahn as leads, A Business Proposal has received high marks for quality entertainment.

The story revolves around an office girl who agrees to arrange blind dates for her friend. She quickly gets involved in a passionate romance with an industrialist tycoon, providing an enjoyable twist in the traditional office rom-com genre.

The Plot

Business Proposal is an entertaining, charming, and humorous romantic comedy. Though the plotlines may sound familiar from other K-dramas, Business Proposal manages to avoid becoming predictable thanks to outstanding acting from Kim Se-Jeong and her excellent cast chemistry.

This Netflix series is adapted from a web novel and webtoon of the same name, which has received over 450 million views globally. The drama centers around Shin Ha-ri, an employee at GOFood who agrees to go out on a blind date at her friend’s request, only to learn that Kang Tae-moo – CEO of her own company! – is her date!

Tae-moo, who initially disdains romance, changes his opinion once he sees how much Ha-ri loves him. They soon fall in love despite initially meeting under pretenses; however, their journey may not always go according to plan due to unexpected obstacles and complications that arise along the way.

Due to these difficulties, they become closer and more intimate as the series progresses – something which draws audiences in as it gives this drama its unique charm that cannot easily be found elsewhere.

Dramas offer the ideal setting for anyone seeking romantic comedies without being overburdened with language barriers and heavy topics. Additionally, theaters provide a welcome break from all the seasonal dramas, giving viewers something fresh that will leave them smiling long after the viewing has concluded.

Although some parts of the webtoon were removed in its adaptation for TV, it remains an enjoyable and intriguing watch. The cast’s chemistry is superb, and the plot is fascinating, but for an enhanced experience of this show, be sure to read both versions; Netflix offers new episodes weekly, as does Tapas which posts new chapters every Tuesday.

The Characters

Based on an ever-popular webtoon, Netflix’s trending drama “Halo: Part One” has entranced audiences. Though many core concepts from the original webtoon remain, some unique additions make the storyline all the more engaging. A key reason behind its immense success lies in its stellar cast; every actor seems to own their part, no matter how minor. Fans adore these relatable characters that want to see them find happiness with someone special!

At its heart, Business Proposal stands out by exploiting romantic comedy tropes to maximum comic effect. While other dramas attempt to subvert them, Business Proposal embraces them and turns them into hilarious comedic scenes. Quincy Le Gardye from Vulture praised Business Proposal for its smart choices concerning which romcom tropes it used and subverted.

Shin Ha-ri, an employee at a food company, is an enthusiastic employee and good friends with Jin Yeong-suh, the heiress of a conglomerate family. When Yeong-suh asks her to accompany her on a blind date, Ha-ri agrees, assuming her eccentric behaviors would dissuade whoever showed up – unbeknownst to her, it turns out to be her new CEO, Kang Tae-mu.

At first, they quickly form an instantaneous connection and start dating, though not without some bumps. Each has a different personality and background but eventually manages to work things out and live happily ever after together.

Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se-Jeong are joined in this production by an outstanding supporting cast. Lee Deok Hwa portrays Kang Tae-mu’s grandfather, who urges him to marry, while Kim Min Kyu is his chief secretary.

If you haven’t seen this drama yet, we strongly encourage it! The plot is captivating, and the cast is spectacular – you won’t regret watching! To watch on Netflix, search “Business proposal.” For more information about this show, visit its official website here.

The Setting

A Business Proposal is a global phenomenon with more than 450 million views globally, featuring the exciting office romance between Shin Ha-ri (an outgoing office worker) and Kang Tae-mu (an exemplary CEO). The series has achieved immense popularity around the globe and become a hit on streaming platforms and global markets; even breaking all records in Korean TV ratings systems in its initial episode!

This TV show is based on a webtoon by HaeHwa and illustrated by Narak, featuring Kim Se-Jeong as Shin Ha-ri and Ahn Hyo-stop as her boss Kang Tae-mu. The drama tells the tale of Ha-ri agreeing to go on blind dates instead of her friend; when her date ends up being Kang Tae-mu, their romance blossoms quickly!

Though initially cautious about adapting A Business Proposal from a webtoon to TV show format, viewers have very positively received it. Critics praise its subversion of many romantic comedy tropes while remaining true to the core story. Quincy Le Gardye of Vulture noted how ABP “makes smart decisions about which cliches it embraces or subverts.”

This TV show has been an enormous hit in Korea, garnering the highest ratings among all shows in its time slot and even overtaking My Love from Another Star for ratings success. Additionally, critics and foreign media alike have given it great praise – many calling it one of the greatest romantic comedies ever created.

Kakao’s success with this series has inspired it to forge partnerships with publishers in North America, where it will release a hardcopy version of manga through Barnes and Noble, Kinokuniya, and other major bookstores in North America. This hardcopy book will include content from the original webtoon and original new material that will only be found here.

The Ending

Business Proposal is an immensely popular webtoon with over one million readers worldwide, chronicling the lives of an outgoing office worker named Shin Ha-ri and CEO Kang Tae-mu. This tale has won hearts worldwide as audiences have fallen for its two main characters and found them appealing enough to become international sensations; Business Proposal even went international, garnering international acclaim and becoming a worldwide hit! Due to this success, it even inspired Netflix to produce its television adaptation!

Contrary to many K-dramas that depict sexual harassment of female employees by male coworkers, this webtoon does not show such violence against its protagonist. Instead, she overcomes her trauma and gets back on her feet. Furthermore, the drama forgoes showing illegal recordings so prevalent elsewhere – an indication that this show intends to raise a more significant issue.

After Netflix’s Business Suggestion, Tae Moo proposes to Ha-ri on an idyllic spring day, and she accepts playfully. They then go on an extravagant honeymoon trip together – regardless of their opinion differences, they enjoy time spent together.

Ha-ri does harbor some regrets regarding her decision to marry Tae Moo. She finds his proposal too quick and his failure to recall their first date unacceptable.

She realizes she still loves him but decides to move on and secure a job as an editor at a fashion magazine, where she meets an extraordinary chef named Min Woo despite his coming from an influential chaebol family. Nonetheless, they become romantically involved as Minwoo is her chef of choice and pursued.

Despite her struggles, she remains committed to becoming an editor. She has worked hard for what she has and hopes she will soon see her baby girl again.