Article promotion – How to Maximise typically the Success of Multi Aspect SEO Articles


In a previous article, I covered the large range of tangible benefits for the article marketer of creating a multi-part series of SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING articles rather than always churning articles out one at a time. Now that you’re convinced that a compilation of SEO articles is the technique forward for your business, how will you best plan and implement that strategy?

The thought seems quite simple in basic principle, but the more you look at it, the more you realize that there are several unforeseen questions. For example, many of the more important questions relating to having a series of related articles add the following:

Should you keep every one of the titles fairly similar to inform you that they’re related, or performs this creates issues in terms of similar/duplicate content?
Should you number your articles, or does this place people off reading individuals’ articles that appear in the series if they haven’t already read the earlier versions?
Should you include a link to every subsequent article in your write-up resource box?
Should you distribute a series of articles to a write-up directory, your blog, or various directories/locations?
Should you submit your articles simultaneously or steadily over time? If gradually, precisely what time frame is appropriate?
These are typically the five most obvious questions and those I’ll be looking to answer on this page to help you move on using developing your multi-aspect series of SEO articles for boosting your article marketing strategy.


First of all, there is certainly the matter of the titles. The recommendation is to introduce some continuity without being too repetitive. So, for example, if I had been creating a series of articles regarding writing SEO articles, I may perhaps create my very first title along the lines of “Article Composing (Part 1) – Produce More Powerful Titles”, and then the second title might be, “Article Writing (Part 2) — Hooking The Reader With Using Summaries”.

As you can see, in this instance, I have chosen to promote the same main keyphrase (“article marketing”) but vary the focus from the rest of the title. This attacks a balance between consistency and range in a way that’s likely to be easier.

You’ll also notice that I have included numbering in this instance, which relates to another of the five questions I raised previously. I think including numbering within the title is hugely important in creating a series of related content articles.

Yes, there’s a small opportunity that some people may come throughout part 3 and choose not to read it; however, that’s pretty unlikely if each of your titles happens to be created to cover a specific region, your readers are still going to realize that they’ll be able to find out info relevant to their original lookup within the specific article they have already found.

But much more likely could be the possibility that people will use which numbering to find out what your aspect 1 and 2 were about, and perhaps end up studying the whole series. That means far more article views, more just click-throughs to your site, and even more chance that your name can become associated with the subject matter. In other words, there are several more pros than downsides regarding including numbering the titles for your SEO content.

Resource Links

So what on earth about including links for you to subsequent articles within your line? The only real way this is achieved is either by creating your article series in the opposite direction so that you know what typically the URL is of each write-up to enable you to include a link or maybe publishing the articles against your blog or website so your links can be directed to right now there.

To be honest, I wouldn’t worry about doing either of these; although some people incorporate links to subsequent content, there’s very little want. You’re sacrificing half your resource links by doing so. When do you feel the need to help people get your article series, want to include a PDF download on the whole set through your internet site or a list of titles, every one of which links to a post published elsewhere?

My option would be to include a link to a website on your website where site visitors can enter their current email address and receive the whole series associated with articles delivered as a PDF FILE because this allows you to collect e-mail addresses for use in advertising. This is a great way of making your articles work even more difficult.

Article Series Publication Choices

As far as whether you should publish your articles to one directory site, multiple directories, or your own blog/website, there’s no reason to change your approach from the normal method by which you submit your content articles. I’d be quite pleased to publish my articles on EzineArticles. Com and my blog and providing a download form on my website.

Publishing your article series elsewhere isn’t cause you any harm, but there could be relatively little point in shelling out too long submitting your articles or blog posts far and wide. You’re better off shelling out an afternoon writing a whole bunch of articles or blog posts rather than submitting one document to a whole bunch of websites.

Publication Time Frame

Finally, instructions what about the time frame? I absolutely wouldn’t publish the whole set at once. If you have your publicized articles tweeted, noted in a different place, or delivered to people who become a member of your articles, then it is better to spread them away by at least a day or two.

Just about every 3/4 days is probably about right. Leave it longer over a week, and people looking all around for your other articles will only find nothing and give up looking.

To a certain extent, the best time frame depends on the number of SEO articles or blog posts in your series. A series of 5 various articles could be published just once per 3 days. A few 20 articles would be considerably better published every 1-2 days. You might find it better than publishing the first few closer to get the momentum and desire going and then slowing down slightly for the remainder.

If you have virtually any thoughts on this or wish to ask me a question concerning writing a series of SEO posts, then why not visit our website, where you can drop us a line? I’m always thrilled to help!

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