ATTIS Trading Company Review


Eli Bilton is a second-generation cannabis pioneer renowned for his expertise as a grower, extractor, and dispensary owner. He maintains a family seed bank dedicated to strain development while using natural growing techniques when cultivating his plants.

BioPoint alleges that defendant Leah Attis unlawfully misappropriated its trade secrets to benefit her fiance, Andrew Dickhaut, and Catapult Staffing LLC (Catapult), according to BioPoint’s Amended Complaint, which references interstate commerce for purposes of pleading purposes.

Eli Bilton

Attis Trading Company is one of Oregon’s premier emerging retail cannabis chains, boasting locations in Portland, Cully, Gladstone, Lincoln City, and Tillamook. Furthermore, Attis operates one of Oregon’s most extensive vertically integrated cannabis operations, possessing cultivation facilities and extraction processing. Established by second-generation Humboldt farmer Eli Bilton in 2001, Attis has earned a national reputation for quality products and outstanding customer service.

Bilton established Attis in July 2015 and opened three dispensaries within one year. Since then, five stores have opened as Attis has expanded its cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing infrastructure. Bilton believes the key to Attis’s success lies within its people and adhering to basic business practices.

Listening closely to customers helps us better understand their needs,” states Heskett. “We don’t have an inflated ego that thinks we know more than they do; rather, our aim is simply to do the best job we possibly can for them.”

He attributes Attis’ rapid expansion to its emphasis on customer service and attention to detail, with employees having extensive product knowledge that they apply to build relationships with customers and provide tailored recommendations. Furthermore, Attis upholds only those standards of cultivation and processing farms that meet its stringent cleanliness, efficiency, and quality processing facilities.

Attis takes excellent care in selecting products from local farmers and supporting community organizations through its Give Back program, giving back one percent of gross sales annually to local charities.

Eli discussed his company‘s plans, such as its expansion into other states and creation a cannabis brand. He expressed excitement to be part of such an emerging industry, further speaking of his family history in agriculture as inspiration, emphasizing its significance to his community by having positive outcomes in life.