Best Property Lawyers in Houston


If your property is up for sale or you plan to buy one soon, having the best real estate lawyer in Houston on your side is essential. They can assist with contract negotiations, avoid transaction disputes and save time and stress.

Are you searching for an experienced attorney to handle your legal matters? We have compiled a list of the top property lawyers in Houston. These attorneys have earned high ratings from their peers on Martindale Hubbell.

Real estate litigation

Real estate litigation can arise in a variety of scenarios, from an easement dispute to untangling ownership in complicated commercial deals. No matter your position as an investor, landlord, or tenant – you need the top property lawyers in Houston to safeguard your interests and reduce any risk exposure.

Our firm handles all manner of real estate disputes in Texas. Whether you need assistance with a residential purchase or sale, oil and gas lease, or another commercial transaction, our attorneys will guide you through the legal process efficiently and economically.

Differing opinions over land ownership can be particularly tricky to settle, and require an in-depth investigation and creative solution. Our experienced real estate litigators are equipped to take your case to trial if needed.

Commercial transactions

When investing or selling commercial real estate, there is much at risk. You could lose money or face foreclosure if the deal goes awry.

With a Houston property lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that your rights are safeguarded and your transaction will be completed successfully. Our attorneys offer an array of services to assist with property purchase or sale transactions.

Our attorneys specialize in all facets of real estate transactions and litigation. They assist developers, builders, investors, and sellers with lien filing, encroachment issues, title disputes, construction defects and more.


No matter if you’re buying, selling, or leasing a home or commercial property in Houston, our top property lawyers have you covered. They specialize in real estate sales and negotiations, drafting contracts and leases, as well as overseeing construction and development projects.

At our Houston-based firm, our property lawyers are well-versed in local and state laws pertaining to land development and management. We can assist you with these and other regulatory obligations so that your business thrives.

We also provide legal counsel on a range of other real estate-related topics, such as insurance and title disputes, finance disputes, and fraud. For the most straightforward solution to any given real estate problem, consult with an experienced attorney who is familiar with the local market.

Boundary disputes

Property owners frequently face boundary disputes. This can arise due to neighboring property owners invading your space or installing fencing, trees, and other physical features without permission.

Property lawyers in Houston are knowledgeable about boundary disputes and can assist you with resolution. Most disputes can be settled through negotiation or mediation.

However, some cases may require legal intervention. Examples include breach of contract claims and declaratory judgments.

These lawsuits are usually initiated by the owner of a disputed piece of property when someone else has trespassed on it. In these cases, the court can order the trespasser to leave their land and pay monetary compensation for taking advantage of it.


Evictions are an integral part of property management, whether you’re the landlord or tenant. While it can be a stressful and confusing process, they also often result in successful outcomes.

An experienced eviction lawyer in Houston can guide you through the process with ease. They are knowledgeable about real estate laws and will do their best to ensure your case is handled appropriately.

In Texas, landlords must give tenants adequate notice before filing an eviction suit in court. This notice will specify when they can legally leave their rental property.

The duration of time a tenant must vacate their home after an eviction will differ, depending on the specifics. The exact timeline will be provided during the hearing.