Choosing the Best Toothpaste For Braces


When wearing braces, selecting an appropriate toothpaste is crucial to their care and maintenance. A fluoride-containing paste strengthens enamel while mitigating acid damage caused by sugary food and beverages.

Tartar control toothpaste will also be an asset, helping prevent the build-up of plaque that leads to gum disease and tooth decay. Consider ingredients like coconut oil – known for its multiple health benefits – or orthosilicic acid, remineralizing tooth surfaces.

Crest Advance Whitening Toothpaste

An effective toothpaste can assist with maintaining a healthy mouth while wearing braces. Specially formulated pastes designed to remove food debris from hard-to-reach spots can prevent plaque buildup and discoloration around braces, strengthening enamel while decreasing cavities; some also feature low abrasiveness to protect tooth enamel while avoiding damage to wires and brackets, with additional features like sensitivity relief ingredients or gum health benefits to make brushing more comfortable.

Dentists advise patients wearing braces to use toothpaste with regular fluoride levels for maximum benefit. Fluoride strengthens enamel, helping reduce acid damage and protect from tooth decay while remineralizing surface enamel that has been exposed to certain foods and beverages. If you experience sensitive teeth or gums, calcium phosphate toothpaste can remineralize sensitive surfaces while relieving discomfort.

Whitening toothpaste may be ideal for people wearing braces, as they removes surface stains without bleaching the enamel under their brackets. However, it’s important to remember that whitening toothpaste only affects exposed enamel; hence, waiting until your braces have been removed before beginning any bleaching treatment is recommended.

Many whitening toothpastes contain abrasive materials that can damage teeth and gum tissue and chemicals that may irritate gums or cause dry mouth. Therefore, opting for gentler formulas containing ingredients like silica is essential for best results.

Some whitening toothpastes contain ingredients like potassium nitrate and stannous fluoride to alleviate tooth sensitivity, but if this is an issue for you, try switching to one without these components.

Charcoal toothpastes have become increasingly popular, with brands like Hello and Burt’s Bees producing their versions. Charcoal works as a natural detoxifier by pulling toxins out of the mouth; additionally, it whitens teeth by removing existing stains while helping prevent new ones. Unfortunately, not everyone finds these kinds of toothpaste suitable, as the charcoal may be too abrasive and cause tooth sensitivity or irritation.

Crest 3D White Whitening Foaming Toothpaste

This whitening toothpaste is an ideal choice for those with braces, as it works to gently clear away food debris from between brackets and wires while at the same time helping prevent plaque and tartar buildup, which could otherwise lead to dental issues in the future. Furthermore, this formula features Xylitol to aid with bad breath and is free from top allergens like gluten, coconut, nickel, lanolin, and allergy-causing preservatives and cruelty-free manufacturing in an FDA-approved facility.

Crest offers another excellent charcoal-based toothpaste for those wearing braces: its formula gently whitens your teeth without causing sensitivity, while fluoride helps remineralize damaged enamel and replenish lost minerals. Plus, its foaming action pushes toothpaste between your teeth for easy application in hard-to-reach spaces within your mouth.

Opalescence’s ADA-approved toothpaste features silica and potassium nitrate, two ingredients, Tornatore and Gonchar, recommended for sensitive teeth. Furthermore, this formula is free from dyes, flavorings, and sodium fluoride – essential components for those wearing braces; but can sometimes leave behind a yucky residue on teeth.

Colgate makes another whitening toothpaste tailored explicitly for those wearing braces – this ADA-approved option offers many of the same advantages, such as helping prevent enamel loss. Furthermore, it combats gingivitis, plaque, and cavities – conditions which could otherwise lead to costly dental work later.

This toothpaste is an ideal option for children with braces, as it teaches proper oral hygiene habits while keeping teeth healthy and white and encouraging children to have fun! As swallowing too much can cause issues, a pea-sized amount is recommended – while using an electric toothbrush makes applying it behind brackets and along gum lines much simpler.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste

Brushing regularly while wearing braces is paramount; food particles and bacteria can accumulate between your teeth and gum line, potentially leading to plaque, sensitivity, gingivitis, or cavities forming between them. A good toothpaste for braces will help combat this situation and keep your mouth healthy during treatment.

Fluoride should be the top priority when searching for toothpaste to use with braces, as this mineral strengthens tooth enamel and decreases the risk of tooth decay and sensitivity while wearing braces. Furthermore, an ideal toothpaste will be nonabrasive so as not to wear down enamel and expose you to damage and sensitivity issues.

Tartar control can also be an invaluable feature for people wearing braces. This helps reduce plaque build-up around brackets that is difficult to clear away; toothpaste with tartar control will help ensure your braces remain free from build-up when your treatment has concluded.

Choose a whitening toothpaste explicitly designed to be safe with braces; make sure not to overdo it, as it can thin and brittle your teeth, increasing the risk of cavities in the future. Instead, select a mild whitening paste that gradually whitens them over time.

If you’re having difficulty choosing a toothpaste that meets your individual needs and will provide optimal results while wearing braces, asking your orthodontist for guidance might be beneficial. They will know which product would benefit most and ensure a seamless treatment experience.

If you have any inquiries about the best toothpaste for braces, don’t hesitate to call our office! We are here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste

Plaque and food particles collect easily around braces, wires, and brackets, potentially leading to gum disease or cavities if left untreated. Orthodontic patients have an advantage: special toothpaste designed for mounts that cleans efficiently, strengthens and protects their teeth while decreasing tooth sensitivity.

Ideal toothpaste for braces should contain nonabrasive fluoride-rich formulations and contain ingredients to control tartar buildup, such as calcium hydroxy phosphate, which has been known to repair small chips and cracks caused by braces’ rough surfaces. Finally, an ideal braces toothpaste must also feature mild mint flavoring to leave your mouth feeling refreshed and clean.

Select a toothpaste with the American Dental Association seal of approval when wearing braces; this ensures the product has been evaluated by experts in the dental industry and found suitable. Also, avoid toothpaste that contains alcohol, which may dry the mouth further and make it more sensitive.

It is wise to consult your orthodontist before purchasing if you’re seeking toothpaste with additional benefits for people wearing braces, such as stain removal or whitening. Water flossers offer another alternative, providing superior cleaning capabilities and helping the brushing process by reaching between teeth and gums for extra effective cleaning.

Along with selecting an effective toothpaste for braces, a healthy diet low in sugar and fiber is crucial to prevent dental issues. Furthermore, avoid foods that could get stuck between braces, like popcorn, sticky or hard candy, gum, ice, or pretzels, as these could easily get caught between teeth and cause dental complications.