Cody Foster Christmas Houses


Add this beautiful Cody Foster Christmas House to your collection for an impressive holiday village display! Featuring mint-colored walls with pink trims and windows made of translucent vellum to allow light through, as well as an integrated lighting set, this home will complete any display even more stunningly.

About Cody Foster & Co.

Cody Foster & Co. is an American designer and manufacturer of uniquely themed Christmas tree ornaments, candy-themed Christmas tree ornaments, holiday decor items, and more. Based in Valentine, Nebraska’s rustic frontier town in the Sand Hills region. Cody Foster founded his business while still attending high school; since then, it has flourished while remaining family-run and strongly connected to its local community.

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About Us

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Cody Foster began his artistic journey over 20 years ago in Valentine, Nebraska. A creative visionary with a quirky sense of whimsy, Cody is known for creating ornament designs that transcend holiday traditions while reflecting contemporary culture in miniature works of art. Cody’s audacious creativity can be seen through his iconic stick of butter ornament – an affectionate nod to an everyday item that has become part of our household icons.

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About Our Products

Over two decades ago in Valentine, Nebraska, a creative visionary began an extraordinary journey that would transform how the world views ornaments. From crafting custom dolls in his basement to designing miniature masterpieces capturing modern culture – Cody Foster & Co ornaments transcend seasonal trinkets into collectible items that spark conversations while stirring memories.

Cody Foster & Co has showrooms in Atlanta and Las Vegas and is present at global trade shows, making them industry leaders who set trends rather than follow them. Cody’s success can be attributed to his creative authenticity and pushing ornament design further than his peers.

Cody Foster & Co’s creative process is an intricate dance. Working closely with manufacturers in China, Cody’s vision for ornaments that delight customers worldwide has become a reality.

About Our Company

Cody Foster, an artistic visionary with a flair for playfulness, embarked on his creative journey over two decades ago in Valentine, Nebraska’s rustic frontier town. Since then, his ornaments have captured contemporary culture through holiday seasons while remaining collectibles that spark conversations about memories or spark conversations about them.

Cody Foster & Co has become an industry powerhouse by setting trends rather than following them, pioneering an unprecedented path within ornament design. Their global reach extends from Atlanta and Las Vegas showrooms to international trade shows – yet Cody still maintains close ties to his hometown by employing over 50 people during peak shipping seasons.

Cody’s creative process is an intricate dance. He works closely with manufacturers in China to turn his artistic vision into tangible ornaments that delight customers worldwide, creating a line of products now sold by over 6,000 retailers like Nordstrom and Paper Source.