Finding the Right BMI Calculator for Kids


Children’s Body Mass Index Calculator

Are you a parent who feels it’s crucial to determine their child’s BMI with the help of a BMI calculator? If so, you should know that there isn’t any calculator explicitly designed for children. Find the best age calculator.

Justification for Not Requiring a Unique Calculator

Body mass index can be calculated using a standard formula for everyone. Anyone, regardless of age or gender, can and should benefit from its use. For this reason, it seems reasonable to assume that there is no specialized calculator for such calculations. Say “no” immediately if someone tries to sell you one of these calculators; they almost certainly try to trick you out of your money.

Tips for Figuring Out Your Children’s Body Mass Index

Even though you probably won’t need a specialized calculator to complete the task, that doesn’t mean you can’t adjust the rules you use to interpret the results.

Once you know your children’s body mass index, you can look up or download an appropriate BMI-for-age chart. Keep in mind that the male and female categories are on different charts. You should find a chart designed for determining the gender of children.

Your child’s age should be recorded in the chart’s far left column. You must enter your children’s ages in months because the calculator is calibrated for that unit of measurement. The next step is to locate your children’s body mass index values in the first few rows and plot them. After you’ve planned your children’s ages against their BMIs, here’s what you should notice.

1. Your child’s weight is below the fifth percentile.

2. Normal Weight, 5th to 85th Percentile – Your Child

3. 85th to 95th percentile: Your kid is overweight

4. If your child’s BMI is 95 or higher, he or she is overweight.

You can see for yourself that understanding the findings is straightforward. The precision with which you measure your children’s height and weight will determine the accuracy with which you conclude. This can be ensured without the use of a child-specific body mass index (BMI) calculator.

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