FXTM Zero Spread Account


An FXTM zero spread account is a trading account with zero spreads on most currency pairs. These accounts are ideal for those who want to trade with low trading costs. These accounts are available in MT4, Micro-lots, Standard, and ECN. The spreads on these accounts are calculated by using the average spread data.


If you’re considering opening a zero-spread account with FXTM, be aware that they don’t guarantee zero spreads. However, while they can’t guarantee zero spreads, they can provide you with educational resources and trading signals. Those tools include daily market analysis, the economic calendar, and podcasts.

FXTM offers several account types for Forex brokers. Their Standard Account features fixed leverage and EUR/USD/GBP base currencies. They also offer hedging, narrow floating spreads, and fast action. In addition, they also offer a Cent Account, which has fixed leverage for all instruments.

The FXTM Pro account is available for institutional investors and traders. The commissions range from 0.40$ to $2 per lot traded. It requires a minimum deposit of $500. FXTM also offers MT4 trading through its Advantage Plus account. However, if you’re not interested in becoming an institutional investor, FXTM’s retail account is the best option.

Trading on foreign exchange markets involves a high degree of risk. Even though FXTM guarantees zero spreads on the FX Majors, it is impossible to eliminate the risk of losing your money entirely. Therefore, it is essential to understand the risks associated with forex trading before making any trades.


An FXTM zero spread account is ideal for those looking to start their forex trading career with a low minimum deposit. Micro-lots, MT4, and zero commission spreads are all available to traders on this account type. For those new to trading, this type of account can be a great option as it requires a minimum deposit of only 50 GBP. Another top choice is the FXTM Advantage Plus account, which requires a minimum deposit of 80,000 NGN or $25,000 and is commission-free.

Micro accounts are one-hundredth of a standard lot and are best suited for retail investors. They are also called micro-cent accounts. Micro lots are the most petite account sizes and are unavailable on every broker. Micro-lots allow traders to make transactions in the smallest amount of currency – one micro-lot is equivalent to 0.0001 of a standard lot.

A micro account allows traders to trade using micro-lots, with a minimum of $0.10. A standard account can hold up to 100,000 currency units, but micro accounts allow traders to trade with as little as a single micro-lot. These accounts also give traders the flexibility to place multiple positions in the same asset. For this reason, micro accounts are great for novice and seasoned traders.

Standard account

Standard FXTM zero spread account allows you to invest in FXTM currency pairs and trade stock indices, commodity futures, and equities. You can open an account using a minimum deposit of 100 USD and trade with spreads as low as 0.1 pips. The trading platform supports 180 company shares and offers real-time data from the two exchanges.

There are two types of FXTM accounts: standard and micro. Micro accounts are aimed at retail traders, while standard accounts are designed for large traders who hope to generate significant income. Micro accounts are ideal for beginners because they provide a platform for learning the ropes and risk management. In addition to offering a low initial deposit, the Micro Account is available in various sizes. Its leverage limits are similar to Micro Accounts at other brokers, starting at 1.5 pips on EUR/USD.

Standard FXTM accounts are also available for traders looking for zero-spread accounts. These accounts are not suitable for all trading strategies. For example, they may not offer certain order types or execution methods. To get a clear idea of how much a zero-spread account will cost, traders should check average spreads and per-trade commissions. Then, they can calculate the effective spread. Regarding trading forex, it is always best to open a brokerage account with a reputable broker who holds the necessary licenses.

ECN account

If you are looking for a low-spread account with zero commission, you might consider the FXTM Zero Spread ECN account. However, you will need at least $500,000 in equity and trading volumes of 150 and 250 million to open such an account. If you aren’t willing to accept these requirements, you may want to look elsewhere. In addition to having low commission costs, an FXTM Zero Spread ECN account also offers tight spreads and commissions, regardless of equity.

Another benefit of an FXTM account is its low minimum deposit. If you are new to the currency markets, the low minimum deposit makes it easier for you to get started. This account type is ideal for retail investors, as it doesn’t require much capital to open a position. In addition, it offers standard and demo accounts, which are ideal for gaining experience in the market before trading live with real funds.

FXTM also offers CFDs on major indices. This gives you access to major global stock indices and allows you to trade with leverage suitable for your experience level. You can choose floating leverage up to 1:1000 and spreads as low as 0.4 pips. You can also open a CFD account on the company’s cryptocurrencies. These CFDs offer tight spreads, and you can trade 24 hours a day.