Got Any Fitness Magazines Crossword Answers


Got any fitness magazines crossword is a New York Times Crossword clue published on July 11, 2023 with one answer/s.

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“Shape” magazine, established in 1981 by Paula Begos and owned by Meredith Corporation since 1988, remains one of the oldest and largest women’s health and fitness publications still in print today. Headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, and the second best-selling monthly women’s magazine globally, “maven” comes from Yiddish maven, meaning expert or connoisseur; this publication has become something of a cultural icon over time.


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Crossword mavens will love this clue from The New York Times crossword puzzle! “Maven” is a Yiddish term used to refer to someone who appreciates and knows a great deal about a particular subject or person. We hope you enjoyed this NY Times crossword clue; please come back soon for more exciting puzzles!

Women’s fitness magazines can often read like an unflinching Cosmos in disguise, espousing the same old advice on how to be conventionally attractive, thin, firm, and take up as little space as possible. While this irks me personally, language itself can be political; we should all be mindful of how our choice of language use can offend others; for instance, in 2018, Shortz Puzzled featured the word beaner, which can often be used as an insult against Mexican Americans.