How to Get a German Driver’s License


If you possess a license from another country, it can still be valid in Germany; however, the Fuhrerscheinstelle will return it unless there is an excellent reason to keep it. The best way to buy german drivers license online.

The process should be straightforward if you come from one of the countries/states listed in Anlage 11.

Getting a license

If you are a European Union (EU) citizen or have a license from one of the countries listed in Germany’s Annex 11 list, exchanging it for a German driving permit should be easy. You will, however, have to pass both theoretical and practical tests, providing proof that your eyesight is healthy and that a first aid course has been taken.

For drivers from non-EU countries, the process can be more complex but manageable. Requirements depend on whether your country has an agreement with Germany, taking theory and practical tests, attending at least 12 valuable lessons with an instructor, and passing written exams.

Age requirements

Germany’s driving age is 18, yet many teenagers PCSing to Germany often worry about being able to drive while living here. Luckily, policies allow military teens to obtain their licenses before arriving.

Checking the state list, first, verify whether or not your country of origin has reciprocity with Germany will allow you to exchange your foreign driver’s license without taking the theory and practical tests and may even extend this period by six months; US and Australian expatriates, however, will need to pass the driving test (also available online).

Theory test

In Germany, the theory test portion of obtaining a driving license includes 30 multiple-choice questions graded with two to five error points each, and one must score no more than ten errors to pass the exam.

Exams are administered electronically using computer technology, with exams available in multiple languages. Driving schools typically provide study packages that may include learning software, textbooks, and sample exam papers – they take responsibility for student success by monitoring class attendance and giving sample exams as part of these packages.

Preparing for an exam involves taking practice tests online to create an efficient exam preparation strategy. This will familiarize you with the style and format of German driving license question papers and allow you to identify any weak areas within your performance and strengthen them accordingly.

Practical test

German licenses are valid throughout Europe and the EEA; however, not all foreign drivers can avoid taking theory and practical tests due to individual state jurisdiction for driver licensing laws.

If you hold a license issued from an EU country or US state that has reciprocity agreements with Germany, your existing driver’s license could remain valid for up to six months; however, additional documents (medical examination, eye test, and notarised translation) can incur extra expenses associated with transferring it to Germany.

If you pass both theory and practical tests successfully, a temporary paper license will be issued immediately – valid until your official consent arrives from Fuhrerscheinstelle.

Requirements for foreign drivers

If you reside in a country or US state with full or partial reciprocity, exchanging your foreign license for one from Germany should be straightforward; however, you may require taking an eye exam, a first aid course, and driving classes before making this transition.

Registration with your local driver’s license authority office, Fuhrerscheinstelle, will also be necessary. They may return your native license if a valid reason can be provided for it being returned.

To speed up the process, contact a Fahrschule specializing in working with ex-pats. They’ll assist you in getting through all the bureaucracy, passing theoretical and practical exams, and offering first aid training. Furthermore, they’ll even provide you with a vehicle for practice purposes.

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