How to Use Apex Launcher


AppLock security technology

The AppLock security technology in Apex Launchers helps protect your private data and prevents unauthorized access to your phone. This security feature allows you to lock any installed application and hide pictures and videos to prevent someone from viewing them. It can also be enabled with a pin password, fingerprint, or pattern.

AppLock also comes with a timer setting to prevent someone from tampering with your device. You can also choose to use the AppLock Fingerprint feature which can unlock popular apps with your fingerprints. Moreover, this security technology will take a photo of the person attempting to access your phone in case of an intruder.

Icon Gestures

Apex Launcher supports the swipe-to-open gesture as well as the swipe down and swipes gesture. It also includes Apex actions – icons for commonly used Android functions. These icons help you quickly access apps and settings that you may not need to use often. You can even use the same icon for two different tasks.

While the Apex Launcher icon gestures are not as sophisticated as those in some of the more popular custom launchers, they do work well and are easy to use. They enable you to quickly navigate through the app drawer, hide apps, and even sort apps by their install date or title. You can customize the look of the application drawer with a variety of themes, as well.

Quick search

Using a custom launcher on your Android phone will boost its performance and efficiency. This app manager offers many features such as quick search, backup, sorting, and restoration of your phone’s files. These features make the app manager easier to use and improve your productivity. With the help of Apex Launcher, you can easily find and restore files that have been deleted from your phone.

Apex Launcher comes with a powerful user interface and a variety of customization options. It is free to download and has been verified by Google’s Play Protect program to be free of viruses or malware. It also features gesture operation, including swipe up/down and double tap gestures.


To backup Apex Launcher, go to the Settings menu and choose “Import/Backup desktop data.” After you do that, the app will automatically create a backup of your desktop data and prompt you to confirm the backup. Once it’s done, you’ll be able to restore it to a previous version.

You can also restore any deleted data with backup options. This can help you regain access to your phone without losing any settings. Besides, it saves your personal data and settings. If you accidentally delete something, you’ll be able to restore it from the backup file without affecting your personal data.


Apex Launcher has just released an update with a host of bug fixes and new features. One of these features is the ability to sort your apps in the app drawer. However, the app sorting feature is only available to Pro users. The pro version of Apex Launcher costs $3.99.

Apex Launcher is a popular launcher that gives users a customized home screen experience. It supports Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and offers a range of useful features. The latest version 2.3 of the app introduces several bug fixes and new features including the Apex Notifier 2.0.

Importing settings

If you’ve ever switched between different launchers and want to restore your settings, it’s possible to do so by importing them. This can be done from the Apex Settings menu. To do so, click “Restore desktop data.” The application will then prompt you to confirm that you want to restore your settings. Once you’ve confirmed the import, you’ll be able to apply the restored settings to your device.

When importing settings from another launcher, ensure that the layout is in the same order as the previous one. This will ensure that your home screen looks the same as it did in the previous version. Also, make sure that you enable the dock when you import your settings.