How to Use WhatsApp on Two Phones With Companion Mode


If you want to use WhatsApp on two phones, you must know how to do it. You can do this by using Companion Mode. This model is also known as Dual-SIM and allows you to use one phone’s SIM card and the other phone’s SIM card. Read on to learn more about this feature.

Companion Mode

Companion Mode lets you link two smartphones to the same WhatsApp account and access your chat history on both. While the feature was initially only available on desktop computers, it has also been rolled out to mobile devices. Although the current feature requires a cable to transfer data, the new companion mode takes advantage of the internet.

This new feature is different from the existing multi-device support feature, which allows users to use the same WhatsApp account on other devices. It allows users to switch between smartphones without having to sign in again. It also syncs your chats automatically, making it possible to continue using the service without an internet connection.

Dual-SIM functionality

If you want to use WhatsApp on both of your SIM cards, you can do so with the help of the Dual-SIM feature. You need to take a few simple steps to enable this feature on your phone. Many phones come with this feature. For example, Xiaomi smartphones come with dual WhatsApp functionality out of the box. You need to download a third-party application if you are using a phone that doesn’t come with this feature.

Most smartphones come with a dual-SIM slot, which lets you use two different phone numbers. This feature is handy for those who want to categorize conversations and keep work and personal conversations separate. So, for example, if you have a business phone and a personal one, you can use the dual-SIM feature to text and make calls through separate numbers.

Activating Companion Mode

Companion mode is a new feature that lets you simultaneously use WhatsApp on two phones. The feature differs from the existing multi-device support feature because it allows you to switch between two smartphones and sync chats automatically. It also lets you use WhatsApp even when you don’t have an internet connection.

It was first spotted in an Android beta build a few weeks ago but has yet to launch officially. By signing into both devices, you can now activate companion mode on WhatsApp on two phones. To do this, visit the Google Play store and search for the app. Then, tap on the three-dot menu and select “Linked devices.” Next, you’ll need to scan the QR code on your companion device.

WhatsApp companion mode is a long-awaited feature that allows users to link two phones and use their secondary phone as their primary. It also allows them to use their secondary phone without closing the secondary account.

Using Companion Mode

Using companion mode on WhatsApp on two phones is an exciting feature that allows you to use the same account on two devices. Although this feature is still in beta, it will be available soon. In addition, WhatsApp has expanded its features over the past few weeks. For example, you can now share files up to 2GB and talk to up to 32 people in a group voice call.

To use the companion mode, you must install WhatsApp on both devices. This will copy your chat history over to the second device. If you already have a chat on the other device, you can delete it. However, you will need an internet connection to make the switch. The other option is to use Google Drive to back up your chat history.

Limitations of Companion Mode

WhatsApp’s companion mode is like Telegram but works on only one phone. You link one phone to another’s registered WhatsApp account using companion mode. The downside of this feature is that it will wipe all the data stored locally on the other device. To prevent this, back up your current account’s data in a cloud service like Google Drive.

It’s also worth noting that WhatsApp is still in beta; socan, so can’t be further changes and improvements. However, it’s unclear how long it will take to roll out the feature entirely. Users will have to wait to see if it’s available in their country. Once the beta is released, the part will work on iOS and Android devices.