Innovadora Beauty Blender ConceaLER


You know the basic process if you’ve ever wanted to apply foundation with a Beauty Blender. Pump the foundation into the concave section of the beauty blender, then bounce it onto your skin. The first foundation made by beauty blender was named “Bounce” after its first product, and the packaging features a slightly concave section to pump the product into. That section also functions as a palette.


The Innovadora Beauty Blender ConceaLER is a lightweight airbrush concealer that provides flawless coverage and long-lasting results. It is available in 40 shades and provides complete coverage for 24 hours. In addition, its unique formula contains ingredients to provide both instant and long-term benefits.

Wet wedge sponge

While Beauty Blender is a well-known product, you may not know how to use it effectively. You must use the correct technique to avoid transferring the concealer onto other areas. The key is to apply the concealer gently and evenly. The Beauty Blender’s pointy edge is especially helpful in concealing the under-eye area. Always be sure to wash the sponge thoroughly after each use. The sponge can be cleaned using a regular facial cleanser or a Beauty Blender brush cleanser. Rinse the sponge thoroughly and squeeze out all the suds before using it again.

When choosing a makeup sponge, it is essential to look for latex-free ones. These types are great for people with sensitive skin. However, they are often smaller than the Beauty Blender, which means they take more time to use than a sponge designed for using powder and cream.

Undereye brightening

This full-coverage undereye brightener is unmatched for its ability to even skin tone and promotes a flawless finish. Its lightweight, the ultra-blendable formula helps minimize discolouration and provides comfortable, long-wearing wear. LookFantastic currently has up to 50% off on this concealer.

To use the concealer, dampen the beauty blender before you begin blending. Using the pointed, tapered, or rounded side of the beauty blender, blend concealer into your skin to give your face a natural finish.


When you have a makeup sponge, you must always clean it properly. Makeup sponges are often filled with bacteria, dead skin cells, and old makeup. Transferring these substances to your skin can cause breakouts and other skin problems. Regular cleansing of makeup sponges will not only make them last longer but will also improve how your makeup looks.

You can wash your Beautyblender with regular dish soap, though you should know that dish soap is hard on your skin. You can also try a solid cleanser that works well on your sponge. Another option is using a cleaning mat. These mats have bumps and ridges that help loosen the product from your makeup sponge. They work similarly to a cleansing pad used for the Foreo Luna, which uses silicone bristles to remove bacteria from pores. You can also use a brush cleaning mat for your Beautyblender. The Ranphykx brush cleaning mat is a good choice, which costs about $5.


One of the best ways to apply concealer is with a Beauty Blender. The beauty blender works best when damp and helps the foundation glide on your skin. It also blends the concealer with your base foundation. You can also use a makeup setting spray to set your concealer.

When using a Beauty Blender, you should always wet the sponge before applying it. This will prevent the product from packing into your skin. In addition, the sponge will help create a streak-free finish by eliminating brush flakes. However, it’s important to remember that too much water can dilute the product or ruin the texture. Also, make sure to let the sponge fully dry before using it.