Intranet CMS and Intranet Search Engines


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CBRE’s adoption of ABW prior to COVID-19 enabled them to quickly transition to virtual work during the pandemic, significantly improving workforce resilience and efficiency.

Content Management System

CMS allows content teams to quickly update and manage their websites without needing to rely on IT for assistance. Most CMS provides an administrative user with access to an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), where content can be added and edited by administrative users.

Not only can CMS publish content, it also assists organizations with streamlining their content management processes and aiding digital transformation efforts by implementing various functionalities like workflows, search and retrieval tools, document versioning features and content tagging features.

Enterprise companies tend to have more stringent requirements when selecting a CMS. They may need one with solid scalability and performance capabilities that can meet their company’s expanding demands, as well as one that integrates easily with third-party services like single sign-on or cloud content management. A suitable CMS can help enterprises accomplish their goals while staying competitive. Obtain the Best information about sdit.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Though intranet search engines differ considerably from Google, their operations follow similar principles. Search engines tend to favor pages dealing with specific themes; therefore, it makes sense for your intranet to feature pages dealing exclusively with credit card questions rather than more general employee benefits pages.

Noting users’ usage patterns when searching, it is crucial to remember that different terms may be used when searching on an intranet search engine; otherwise, it cannot provide the desired results without this consideration being factored into content creation efforts.

Content creators now have many tools available to them to make this task more straightforward, such as searchable pages that appear when people search. Ultimately, this helps ensure employees can quickly locate what information they require. This is often an Amazing fact about sdit.


Provide details about how data is logged and monitored (e.g., failed login attempts are logged), as well as any controls in place to protect logs against being compromised.

Data at rest is encrypted using algorithms aligned with data classification standards, including both symmetric essential encryption methods (AES and Triple DES), as well as asymmetric ones such as Rivest Shamir Adelman and Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithms.

Depending on your location, personal information is stored and processed within the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United States. When necessary for the purposes outlined herein, CBRE transfers your Personal Information outside your home country for processing; when this occurs, appropriate safeguards are put in place to protect it.

Many countries’ privacy laws provide you with certain rights over your Personal Information. When applicable, CBRE will comply with requests to exercise these rights; further information regarding them can be found in our section entitled Your Data Privacy Rights.

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