Invest in Top Performing Mutual Funds Over the Past 10 Years


Mutual fund investing is an effective way to diversify your portfolio. Still, it’s wise not to chase after funds that have performed well recently – track records are often the best indicator of future performance.

Managers search for firms with pricing power and an opportunity to boost earnings. In addition, they consider factors like free cash flow and financial strength when selecting stocks to invest in.

1. ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund

Focused funds typically consist of fewer stocks and aim to provide higher returns with more significant potential for growth as they invest in smaller companies that may offer undervalued stocks with great potential. However, these investments can be volatile and require a longer investment horizon.

This chart illustrates the year-on-year returns achieved by this fund and how it ranks within its category.

Sharpe Ratio and Standard Deviation are critical metrics used to gauge risk-adjusted returns of mutual funds, with the ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund having both at 0.25 and 1.28, which is lower than its category average of 2.37 and 1.69 respectively; this indicates that this fund performed admirably when considering risk.

2. HDFC Prudential Focused Equity Fund

HDFC Asset Management Company Limited manages this open-ended hybrid category fund offering long-term capital appreciation and current income. It invests in both equity and debt instruments.

Focused mutual funds offer your investment portfolio an additional layer of diversification and may produce higher returns than diversified mutual funds due to their concentrated portfolios.

Over the last decade, this fund has shown impressive returns of 13.4-14.9 percent and outshone both peers and benchmark index in terms of return on investment. With exposure across market caps – with large-cap stocks receiving powerful treatment – and one of the top-ranked funds within its category, SIP, and lumpsum investment options available, it stands out among its competition.

3. T. Rowe Price Global Technology Fund

Investment in shares of companies engaged in developing or using technology. Long-term capital growth potential. May invest anywhere in the world.

This subaccount had previously invested in another share class within the same underlying portfolio, and for periods before January 2017, performance is shown based on that performance.

Morningstar RatingTM for Funds, or star rating, is calculated for managed products with at least three-year histories and uses a risk-adjusted return measure that accounts for variations in monthly excess performance (excluding sales charges ) while rewarding consistent performance. Products in each category receiving five stars receive five stars, while 22.5%, 35%, and 10% receive four or three stars; only products at the bottom end receive one star.

4. ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund

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The ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund is an equity mutual fund. It seeks long-term capital appreciation by investing in a concentrated portfolio of equity and equity-related securities of high market cap companies. The fund is managed by Anish Tawakley, Priyanka Khandelwal, Sankaran Naren, Sharmila D’mello, and Vaibhav Dusad.

Over the last ten years, this fund has produced solid returns comparable with its peers within its category. Additionally, its alpha is above average and beta lower than its benchmark index, indicating less risk in this fund than its benchmark.

5. HDFC Prudential Focused Equity Fund

HDFC Prudential Focused Equity Fund, previously known as ICICI Pru Select Large Cap Growth Fund, is an aggressive hybrid category equity-oriented mutual fund that has delivered superior returns. Over its 10-year lifecycle, it has also proven itself a top performer.

The fund employs a value investing approach and invests in stocks with the potential for long-term growth; this strategy may pose higher risks than similar funds within its category.

Long-term investors will find this fund suitable. It offers high returns potential due to its focused portfolio and active management, providing ample opportunity for higher returns.

6. ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund

ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company Limited introduced ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund as an equity-related securities fund under its flagship, the ICICI Pru Select Large Cap Growth Fund, to produce capital appreciation through concentrated portfolios of stocks and equity-related securities from companies.

Over the past decade, it has demonstrated strong performance. Its Sharpe ratio indicates it offers high risk-adjusted returns, while its Sortino ratio suggests it is better equipped to manage losses in a declining market environment.

Please be aware that the past performance of funds does not guarantee future returns; therefore, reading all scheme-related documents before investing is strongly encouraged. This calculator should only be used for educational purposes and should not be seen as an investment advice replacement service.

7. ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund

Over the past ten years, the ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund has produced excellent returns. It outpaced its category average and boasts an excellent Sharpe ratio.

A Sharpe ratio measures risk-adjusted returns. It serves as an accurate gauge of a fund’s quality of returns.

This fund falls into the large-cap category. It invests in large, established companies that can offer stability and potentially consistent returns – although not immune from economic downturns.

This fund features an expense ratio of 0.7%, and its managers include Anish Tawakley, Priyanka Khandelwal, Sankaran Naren, Sharmila D’mello, and Vaibhav Dusad. Over 65% of KPIs were in the top quartile, and its risk level was lower than average, making this fund an excellent option for investors seeking low-risk diversification options in their portfolios.

8. ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund

This fund has achieved an annual return of 19.5%, making it one of the best-performing funds in its category.

ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund is led by Anish Tawakley, Priyanka Khandelwal, Sankaran Naren, Sharmila D’mello, and Vaibhav Dusad and seeks to increase capital appreciation by investing in concentrated portfolios of multicap securities.

Value funds invest in stocks with lower than anticipated fundamental valuation, providing more significant growth potential. They tend to be riskier than other forms of mutual fund investing and typically require longer investment horizons. But if you’re willing to take the risk, these funds can provide excellent long-term returns: the Sharpe ratio measures risk-adjusted returns while the volatility of returns (standard deviation) indicates its volatility; lower standard deviation means less instability of results.

9. ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund

Since 2009, ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund Direct Plan-Growth has shown exceptional performance over its 10-year track record, providing returns that surpass the category average.

Sharpe ratio measures how good returns have been relative to the risk taken on by a fund, while standard deviation measures how volatile its returns have been.

Focused funds are mutual funds that invest in only a few stocks, offering precise exposure to one sector or industry while not reaping all diversification benefits. Fund managers utilizing research skills may select high-quality stocks, but in an adverse market, they may not fare as well as more diversified portfolios; furthermore, mutual fund investments may subject you to Market Risk, so ensure all related documents are read carefully before investing.

10. ICICI Prudential Focused Equity Fund

Over the past ten years, this fund has returned 13.4%. As it invests in large-cap companies rather than smaller firms like small-cap funds, do, large-cap funds usually offer lower risks and returns than their counterparts.

Small-cap funds invest in smaller, growing companies with the potential to produce higher returns and can provide diversification to your portfolio. Unfortunately, they’re not immune from economic downturns, however. They may be more volatile than other types of mutual funds.

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