Is AutoCAD 2020 Really Worth the Upgrade?


If you have been using Autodesk’s flagship product for a while, you’re likely wondering if the next version is worth the upgrade. After all, there are many changes in AutoCAD 2020. For starters, there is a new Design Center. In addition, it has an improved cloud-based interface and an enhanced Blocks palette. Plus, there are performance and security enhancements.

Performance enhancements

AutoCAD 2020 is a new version of the flagship CAD program. It adds performance enhancements and features to improve overall usability. In addition, several new tools, integrations with Microsoft, and cloud storage make it more versatile and accessible.

New features include a redesigned Purge feature, a more powerful DWG Compare tool, and enhanced web and mobile integrations. The software can also access files in Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive. This means that users can save a drawing to a cloud storage service without creating a new file.

Other features include improved performance and security. For example, the Save command takes less than half a second, much faster than its predecessor. Furthermore, the program can now analyze changes to a drawing and display the results in real-time.

Security enhancements

The latest AutoCAD 2020 software release includes many features to improve its performance and graphics. In addition, the update also includes several security enhancements. Some new features include better support for 4K monitors, improved network access time, a new Blocks palette, and more.

The new interface enables users to quickly toggle the color scheme of model space and other Interface elements. For example, a dark mode is available with a modern blue background, while a light theme features an off-white background.

New tool options are also available. A Quick Measure tool is available in the Measure drop-down menu in the Utility panel of the Home tab. It dynamically links the cursor movement to the distance between parallel lines.

Design center

Design Center in AutoCAD 2020 provides a convenient way to capture objects from templates or drawing files and import layouts. It also serves as a way to share arrangements between drawings.

The design center features a new, more efficient way to update line types and blocks in your drawing. You can use it to look at the status of alliances or even to browse for other pictures.

There are also some friendly graphics display options. For instance, you can use gradient hatches or images to help you identify objects or elements in your drawing.

If you’re an avid designer or CAD user, you’ll probably find the ability to zoom into more detail helpful. This will allow you to view complex areas without sacrificing your performance.

Blocks palette

AutoCAD 2020 introduces a new Blocks palette, a tool that provides a more effective way to find and place blocks. This new tool offers a more detailed view of available blocks and is much faster to use.

The Blocks palette includes three tabs: the current drawing, the other drawing, and recent blocks. Each account has its own set of controls. For example, you can display the blocks in different sizes, filter by category, and select wildcard strings. It also allows you to navigate to folders of drawings.

When a block is selected, the block definition graphic appears. Users can rotate the block or anchor it at the desired position. In addition, blocks can be imported from other drawings. Importing a drawing file as a block, import all the block definitions.

Cloud connectivity

AutoCAD 2020 is the latest release of the popular CAD software, with several exciting features and updates. It has a new interface, better cloud connectivity, and various new features. In addition to its cloud integration, AutoCAD supports Dropbox, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive.

The latest version of AutoCAD also features a cleaner and more straightforward user interface. This allows users to access the latest features while removing unnecessary objects and reducing eye strain.

AutoCAD’s newest features include an improved performance engine, faster install time, specialized toolsets, and a streamlined workflow. As for security enhancements, Autodesk has closed four potential exploits in its data files.

The new interface is modern and clean, with an attractive blue background and a series of icons. It also features a redesigned block palette, gradient hatches, and a faster ‘Intermediate Mode’ that resets display parameters.