IShowSpeed – Who is Darren Watkins?


Ishowspeed has recently made headlines since his video went viral of him making misogynist remarks towards female viewers of his stream/YouTube channel, Ishowspeed Live Stream. Since then, he has issued an apology, but the damage has already been done.

Fans have been able to reach him via his updated contact numbers and email inbox, with him answering texts and calls from fans during weekdays.

Darren Watkins

Darren Watkins is an American YouTuber, live streamer, and rapper known for his gaming videos. With millions of followers across his various social media accounts and regularly uploading content for fans – as well as engaging them during live streams where some even contact him directly – Watkins has amassed quite the fan base with his engaging content and has even received phone calls from viewers!

His younger sister can often be found appearing in his livestreams to wish him goodnight, while his mother can be heard in the background playing jokes or telling him to stop screaming so loud. Darren is an Enneagram Seven with an Eight wing, meaning he prefers thinking before acting and making rational decisions based on logic.

On his livestreams, he’s well-known for playing various games with his friends and other YouTubers. Additionally, he enjoys singing as his passion and has released several rap songs and music videos, including Shake and Bounce That A$$.

Darren has quickly established himself in the online community as a talented and humorous entertainer, amassing an extensive following across social media channels. Furthermore, Darren uses his fame to aid others.

He recently issued a challenge to his subscribers to donate money for charity, having previously raised funds for homeless shelters in his hometown and even volunteering his time helping rebuild an elementary school in his neighborhood.

Even though he is an accomplished YouTuber, he has also become embroiled in some controversial incidents. Most notably, in July 2022, when he leaked KSI’s phone number in an attempt to “ratio” him – this is an attempt at measuring how popular posts or people are or their ability to gain attention through online mediums.

Darren is an esteemed social media influencer, having made millions online through YouTube and Twitter. With millions of subscribers across both channels and a high engagement rate, Darren is known as an exceptional storyteller with creative approaches to his work, is highly informed about technology trends, and is known to possess an engaging voice his fans adore hearing him speak in.

Phone Number

IShowSpeed, known for his hilarious livestreams of himself playing games, has amassed an extensive fan base on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. His videos feature hilarious clips, challenges, and pranks as well as behind-the-scenes footage and other content – plus, he is an active music producer, having released such hits as Shake and Bounce That A$$!

His first uploads of gaming-related videos to YouTube started appearing around the middle of 2019, predominantly without commentary or face cams, including games like NBA 2K, WWE 2K, or Fortnite. Over time, his subscriber count rose quickly, from 100,000 to 1 million in just over two months, then even further with TikTok postings, where his popularity had previously grown exponentially.

IShowSpeed’s popularity has skyrocketed, yet he has encountered conflict with other influencers. Recently, for example, his joke about Cristiano Ronaldo’s Ballon d’Or totally caused an argument between himself and KSI, who then revealed their phone number, causing KSI to receive numerous phone calls as well as his being bombarded by these same calls from IShowSpeed himself.

As a result, he was forced to disable his phone app, though he continues posting content to social media; however, he cannot respond directly to followers and has even stopped answering private messages, leaving some fans upset.

IShowSpeed can also be seen regularly on television shows such as CW’s The Next Generation and MTV’s Total Request Live, as well as appearing as a guest host on various radio programs.

IShowSpeed can be booked for corporate events, fundraisers, parties, social media campaigns, fairs and festivals, endorsement projects, as well as speaking engagements. His official website or email address are both suitable for reaching him directly; similarly, his mailing address or postal mailing address are listed. Lastly, his Discord server address or YouTube channel address provides another avenue of contact; IShowSpeed also lists his phone number on his site, allowing people to access him.

Email Address

Darren Watkins, popularly known by his YouTube username Show Speed, is a well-recognized internet personality who is best known for his humorous and entertaining live streams on YouTube and TikTok. Additionally, his social media following spans platforms such as Twitter and TikTok, with millions of subscribers across both channels; his videos boast high viewing rates.

Speed has an engaging persona that draws viewers in, making him highly likable to viewers. From raging at Talking Ben or making a fool of himself in video games, Speed knows precisely how to grab his viewers’ attention and bring laughter – this has led him to such success on YouTube.

Recent decisions by Speed to reveal fellow content creator Kai Cenat’s phone number on his popular YouTube series 360 With Speedy have caused much debate and raised many questions among his fans as to his intentions; nonetheless, despite these developments, he continues to enjoy an engaged following on YouTube and other social media platforms.

His YouTube channel is filled with entertaining gaming videos, but he’s also well-known for his quirky jokes and pranks. His fans on social media love his humor and personality – often engaging him during streams! He frequently interacts with them during video streams, too!

His Elephant toothpaste experiment, for instance, received thousands of messages from followers and even made it onto TikTok’s top trending videos list.

Speed remains a beloved online celebrity despite his controversial past. He boasts millions of subscribers on YouTube and TikTok, with videos having an exceptionally high viewing rate. Speed is known for his lively personality and infectious sense of humor that brings light into any day.

If you would like to reach IShowSpeed, his email address can be found below. Alternatively, visit his website for more information about his products and services, as well as a contact form where you can submit questions or file complaints.

Social Media Accounts

IShowSpeed’s online presence is immense, boasting millions of followers across his various social media accounts. He has made headlines within the gaming community due to his controversial videos, which led to his being banned from several platforms, yet his humorous antics and outgoing personality have earned him an ever-growing fan base.

IShowSpeed boasts an impressive following on YouTube, where he posts videos of him playing video games and engaging with fans. He has released multiple music singles as well as TikTok followers; he is famous for his signature dance, where he bounces his feet while raising both of his arms; he has subscribers from Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, among many other places around the world.

IShowSpeed first achieved fame through live-stream videos and gaming content in 2021. His controversial behavior and antics in Valorant led to multiple suspensions from the Valorant platform; IShowSpeed later apologized to his community via YouTube in a video uploaded onto his account.

IShowSpeed’s story took another dramatic turn recently with his apparent removal from Instagram. Unfortunately, no official announcement has been made as to the reason behind it, and speculation abounds as to possible bans by either YouTube or Instagram.

IShowSpeed’s fan base remains loyal and supportive, as evidenced by comments left on his YouTube videos. While some may question the authenticity of IShowSpeed’s apology video, it is clear that IShowSpeed regrets his past actions and regrets his past behavior. Recently, he made headlines for leaking Twitch streamer Ninja’s private Discord server; since then, he has issued an apology letter and promised changes to his livestream to ensure the safety of all users on his channels.