Ive Become a True Villainess Spoilers


I Have Become a True Villainess is a reverse harem game light novel written and illustrated by Inori. Initially published serially online between January 2018 and February 2021 on the Shosetsuka ni Naro user-generated novel publishing website, Aichu Publishing published it under their GL Bunko imprint into physical volumes.


I’ve Become a True Villainess is an exciting manga that takes the familiar trope of an ordinary modern girl being transformed into an irredeemable romance novel villain and makes it its own. This comic blends danger, fantasy, and magical art elements into its story arc, featuring captivating characters (even minor ones such as Seria!) with some depth that makes the book feel like more than your average harem seinen novel.


An ordinary college girl finds herself trapped into being the villainous protagonist from a romance novel, determined to change her fate by altering the world she lives in. Unfortunately, her efforts are met with resistance from society due to the original character’s stubborn personality – not to mention being constantly harassed by male love interests from her favorite otome game!

While many reincarnation/villainess stories follow a standard formula, I’ve Become a True Villainess stands out by taking a unique approach. Although its pace starts slow, as soon as characters and world are introduced, it quickly begins to pick up speed as it adds a bit of fantasy to create an engaging plotline.

Contrary to most reincarnation/villainess stories that feature the villainess as the primary protagonist, this manga’s narrative shifts away from that, creating a more exciting and relatable history that breaks away from Deus Ex Machina plot devices that often plague this genre. Furthermore, its well-written writing and stunning artwork add appeal.


After being treated badly at work, a young woman dies. Reincarnated as the villainous figure from her favorite otome game, she attempts to make Rae Taylor fall for her and try making Rae fall in love with her, although Rae finds her constant attention somewhat annoying at first, eventually becoming deeply attracted by her.

Another villainess, manhwa, follows a young office worker reincarnated as the tragic protagonist in a romance novel. While she attempts to change her fate by avoiding male love interests, eventually realizing her attempts are futile, still enjoying lavish living while torturing an Otome game heroine’s heroine is something the villainess trend seems here to stay – check out our list of Top 10 Villainess Manhwas to find your new read!


Manta Comics’ I’ve Become a True Villainess is an engaging winter fantasy read filled with forbidden romance, magic, and intricate illustrations that capture its cold kingdom setting. It’s a fascinating read that keeps readers guessing at every turn!

Penelope Eckart, a college student reading romance novels for entertainment, becomes mysteriously transported into one she is reading. Soon after, she discovers that living within fiction can be challenging – she must find ways to protect herself while fulfilling her ambitions while remaining safe from her love interest’s executioner and further her goals simultaneously.