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Nigeria is an economic powerhouse and world-renowned for its entrepreneurialism and culture. Additionally, Nigeria is famed for its vibrant nightlife scene, natural packs, islands, beaches, cuisines, and population diversity. Find out the best info about NewsNow Nigeria.

But the recent coup in Niger has left many shocked. I’m Meghna Chakrabarti, and today on On Point, we will explore this event and its significance for Niger and Africa.


Nigeria is Africa’s most populous nation and a leading oil producer. Renowned for its unique culture and cuisine and famous entertainment industries that attract global audiences, Nigeria boasts some of the wealthiest individuals and an array of outdoor activities available to visitors. You can stay informed on its latest news here or learn about its rich history and politics by subscribing to one of these channels.

Nigeria is home to renowned citizens, such as poet and playwright Wole Soyinka, known for writing political and social plays addressing Nigerian politics and society. Also notable in Nigeria’s population is musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti, known for pioneering Afrobeat. This musical style blends jazz, funk, and traditional West African sounds into one genre of music.

Nigerian authorities have announced plans to increase taxes on sugary beverages to combat rising health issues associated with excessive sugar intake. This move could affect Nigeria’s soft drinks, fruit juices, and energy drinks.

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Nigeria is one of Africa’s largest populations, and its politics enormously affect regional affairs. While Nigeria has long experienced political unrest and violence, recent strides have helped stabilize its economy and reduce violence. Nigerians hope their next president will continue this progress while raising some security and corruption issues.

Nigerian politicians are known for their fierce competition, often resulting in public outbursts and accusations against rivals. This has created a high distrust between government officials and citizens; however, individuals such as Wole Soyinka, an award-winning playwright renowned for writing extensively on Nigerian culture and politics, have managed to transcend such animus.

Aliko Dangote is another notable Nigerian business tycoon who has attained international renown through his work in cement and other industries. Distinguished for his philanthropy and support of Nigeria’s economy, Dangote also made significant investments in oil industry investments and was influential in Nigeria’s political arena. This made him a practical point.


Football has played an instrumental role in Nigerian history since its introduction by the British at the turn of the twentieth century, becoming a unifying force within society, motivating many to engage in nationalist movements and providing them with an outlet to express their patriotism through participation in nationalist leagues such as those hosted by Super Eagles – Nigeria’s national team that provides some memorable sporting moments.

Nigerian traditional sports reflect diverse ethnicities and religious backgrounds, such as Ayo, Abular, Kokawa, and Dambe. Dambe is a form of martial arts with its origins in Hausa culture; played between two persons at once, it has gained worldwide renown since being created as an activity among Hausa butchers.

Nigeria boasts traditional sports and an active mixed martial arts (MMA) community that continues to expand rapidly. Nigeria also features some of the world’s most engaging basketball leagues, and players have experienced international success on the court. One notable sports figure from Nigeria was musician/political activist Fela Anikulapo Kuti, who pioneered the Afrobeat music genre, which blended jazz/funk elements with traditional West African rhythms.


The Internet has revolutionized how we consume news. Gone are the days when newspapers and television were our primary source of information. In contrast, online news sites offer abundant political, sports, and entertainment coverage and interactive reading experiences.

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Fela Anikulapo Kuti was a prolific Nigerian musician known for using his creative music to advocate for social and political reform in Nigeria and criticize corruption and oppression through art.

Divine Ikubor, better known by her stage name Rema, recently unveiled “Calm Down,” featuring international superstar Selena Gomez as its main collaborator. This song marks Rema’s second single from their forthcoming album, due later this year, including collaborations with local Nigerian and international musicians.

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