Lost Coast Plant Therapy


Lost Coast Plant Therapy’s non-poisonous solution effectively dehydrates soft-body insects, their larvae and eggs, powdery mildew, mold, and fungus on contact without using poison. Our spray will adhere to target insects’ egg cases or larvae and penetrate their respiratory and digestion pathways, disrupting their respiration/digestive cycles before finally suffocating and dehydrating them and ultimately leaving plants safe to enjoy once again.

Kills Fungus

Once applied to infested plants, our product adheres to insects, disrupting respiration and digestion to suffocate and dehydrate. It is crucial to thoroughly saturate them for maximum effectiveness as many insects develop immunity to most pesticides but not Lost Coast Plant Therapy, which has an immediate suffocating and dehydrating action on contact. Once insects and powdery mildew have been under control, weekly applications help maintain proper pH balance on plant surfaces so powdery mildew does not return – safe for medicinal plants and food crops alike!