Mobile Spy Apps


There are several different mobile spy apps to choose from. This article looks at Spyzie, Neatspy, XnSpy, and copy. These apps are all designed to track the location of a device. However, each has unique features and pricing, so it’s essential to research each before deciding.


Spyzie is a mobile spy app that tracks the location and phone activities of the specified device. You can view the phone’s location and track details about the calls, including contact details and duration. Spyzie also offers you the ability to block specific websites and apps. It also saves a permanent record of everything typed on the target device. You can check this log from anywhere, even without the device.

The Spyzie app is complete protection against identity theft. It operates in stealth mode, so you can monitor the device without being detected. The app is also wholly legit and incorporates all reserved rights. The app also offers data export functionality, which lets you download any monitored data. The data includes the target phone’s current location, chat history, and GPS information.


The Neatspy mobile spy app is a very convenient app that lets you spy on another person’s mobile device. It works on both Android and iPhone devices. It is entirely secure and does not require you to jailbreak or root the target device. It can also fetch sensitive information from social media apps. You can install the app on a target device in less than 5 minutes. Once installed, you can monitor what the target is doing from the app dashboard.

This app works by tracking the live location of the target phone. It also allows you to see the location history. The app also lets you set boundaries on where your target phone can go. Other features of the Neatspy mobile spy app include viewing everything typed on the phone, monitoring calls, browsing history, and social media activity. You can even block specific websites and limit access to certain apps.


The XnSpy mobile spy app is a useful application that allows you to monitor the activities of another person’s smartphone. You can send remote commands to the targeted phone and set instant alerts for specific events. For example, you can set up an alert for SMS messages or phone calls that contain a particular keyword. The app can also send you alerts for location changes and SIM changes.

Another feature of this app is its ability to monitor a target’s phone calls. This way, you can prevent your child from making and receiving calls from unknown numbers. Xnspy works on several platforms, including iPhones and Android devices.


copy is a mobile spy app installed on any Android phone and allows you to monitor call logs, SMS, and online browsing history. It even lets you track real-time location via GPS and SIM card technology. In addition, because it works offline, you can monitor activities without the need to jailbreak your phone.

Copy is 100% undetectable, enabling you to monitor hidden activities on your children’s devices without them being aware. This app allows you to spy on target phone calls, record webcam video chats, view browsing history, and access a phone’s contacts and calendar. Moreover, it allows you to clone an Android phone without root access.


iKeyMonitor is a powerful free mobile spy app enabling you to monitor Android devices. Its features include keylogging, screenshot capturing, and a remote control panel. Moreover, you can also set it up as a system app or password protected. It can also be set up to send monitoring logs to an email address. These features make it an excellent spy app that can solve all your monitoring problems for free.

This app is excellent for parents who want to monitor their children’s smartphone activities and bad habits. With this app, you can monitor your child’s location and web browsing activities. In addition, the app will also monitor their social media activity, which can help track children after school.


Mobistealth is a mobile phone monitoring app that lets you monitor the activities of a cell phone. This app is compatible with Android, iPhone, Windows, and BlackBerry devices. Users can view call logs, text messages, location information, and more. It also includes features to monitor social media accounts, such as WhatsApp. Once installed, Mobistealth connects to a web control panel. Users can monitor phone activity from their computer or even from a remote location.

MobiStealth also allows you to access the logged information anytime, anywhere. This makes it ideal for discreet monitoring. The only downside is that it requires jailbreaking the target device, which can void the phone’s warranty. It is also a paid application with no trial period.


Cocospy is a mobile spy app that allows you to monitor your children’s activities. Its features include a call recorder and phone tracker. You can even watch the GPS location of the target phone. Cocospy’s control panel is easy to use and provides easy access to target device data. You can also set geo-fence zones on the map and be notified when the device leaves these boundaries.

Cocospy also lets you monitor the internet activity of the target phone. It can read the contents of files and websites, even if the phone is jailbroken or rooted. The app also shows the time duration of each activity. Moreover, you can block websites that contain adult content.