On the web Life Coaching – What exactly is Online Coaching and How Do you Need It?


Some coaches have recently started to serve their customers through various online living coaching options that were not available just a few years ago. Like they offer unlimited access by means of email, utilize services including SKYPE to interact with modest groups and offer video teaching along the way.

This online lifetime coaching approach is obviously way more than face-to-face coaching as well as phone calls. As a result, it offers a way different experience for the clientele. At the same time, this approach can allow a new coach the opportunity to:

reach considerably more clients in less time
potentially cheaper their coaching rates to help individual clients while doing more income due to an increase in the amount
Although this is still relatively hard to find, many innovative coaches are turning technology into a mainstay of their coaching practice. But some are easily offering online life teaching as one of their many teaching packages.

Although we even now recommend one-on-one interaction by means of the phone (or voice-over IP) in our own online top-level life coach training and also certification, the internet can offer several significant advantages to mentors.

Interestingly enough, we accessed these same advantages once we began to consider moving the LIVE life coach training and also certification to an online program.


For example, when we shifted our training from a stay format to an online understanding platform, we were able to enable our students to watch the particular teaching over and over. So if a person wanted to dig in further on a particular subject or perhaps if they forgot a specific approach, they could go back and overview the video again and again. That had not been something that was an option for young students who attended a stay event.

In the same way, some mentors are using this strategy in their procedures to make video recordings regarding some of their teachings or because they are walking through a specific tactic. Then they give their buyers access to the videos even though they are working together. Very much like our training, this allows a training client to go back and watch all their coaches review a concept as often as they want or need to.


One of the advantages all of our life coach training learners enjoyed when we moved all of our coach training and official certification online was that it was readily available when they wanted it. Next time someone wanted to dig into a module after their young children had gone to bed, they may do it. Of if they ended up an early bird and they needed to review a strategy at a few am, they could hop on all their computer and dive into your content.

In the same way, coaches that contain started to offer more on the net options, have also been able to develop their availability to their buyers. For example, instead of offering placed coaching calls, one profitable relationship coach offers 24-hour access to her clients by means of email. Another business mentor offers unlimited email easy access between the hours of on the lookout for am and 4 evenings.

NOTE: This can truly end up being something that sets a discipline apart, but this approach can be difficult to the boundary. So if you look at this as an option, you’ll need to make a decision on a strategy that works best for you along with your schedule.

As a side take note, we don’t recommend endless access to our program’s participants because it can become daunting to make an effort to keep up with emails coming in any way hours. However, there is another choice that can offer your clientele 24-hour access to your principles and get the answers to their questions.


This option provides your clients with the use of an online community.

For example, while our students are going by means of their training, each element invites them to leave reviews, questions and suggestions for all their learning pod you just read and engage in. As a result, much additional learning can happen by students sharing their thoughts. We still participate in often the conversations, but we want the scholars to connect and learn from 1 another too and the online community ingredient allows for that.

An innovative mentor wanting to create connection and give some sort of 24-hour access to their particular clients could build a basic membership-based online community utilizing a program like Ning. com. This will allow coaching clients to with each other and share concepts and encouragement. Plus, it could enable the coach the particular support their clients by means of direct communication and the use of a like-minded community.

Last but not least, a coach who grows a simple but active community within a membership site, might also increase their ability to guide their clients as well as supply an additional stream of profit for their coaching practice.


Incorporating new technology in addition to innovative approaches to coaching training can be exciting. As a result of the ever-increasing number of options, it can possibly become overwhelming.

For example, when you moved our training and also certification online, there were endless possibilities. As a result, it was essential that we develop a plan. We had to decide which options I was going to include immediately and also which we were going to need to use in future versions of the exercise.

This way, we could get the core information out to individuals who need it and do that in a reasonable amount of time. And then we were able to grow ideal to start from there.

As a result, we now have a web-based learning platform that includes:

24-Hour access to students
High-definition videos and audio
Participant tutorials in PDF format
Fake coaching tools
MP3 job interviews with industry experts
Online community

Most of us couldn’t offer all of this at first but over time we’ve been competent to follow our plan and create an elite life coach schooling and certification program that is definitely unlike anything else in the industry.

Quite as you can take a look at some of the on-the-net options that are available to you for a coach and you can build an approach that would allow you to implement these individuals over time.

As we wrap up this information, I’ll offer you some inquiries that will help you to build your plan.

initial: Is this the right time to try to combine some online options straight into my coaching practice? (You may decide that you need to furthermore develop some of your various other packages/deliverables first. )

 Which online options are by far the most attractive to me?

Skype dialling?
Video conferencing?
Online class calls?
Video teaching?
On the web community/membership site?
Precisely what online options seem to be the top fit for my excellent client? (See the list above)

How could I survey these current/future consumers on which options appeal to all the most?

Which option will be the best to start with?

Who may help me implement this?

Whenever would I like to try to possess a “first draft” of this choice up and running? (Set a date)

Those are some items to think about as you are deciding on whether to include online tools in your personal coaching practice.

If you are nevertheless wondering if coaching is correct for you, we invite you to definitely also join us for the FREE course called “The Five Critical Questions Everybody Should Ask Before Starting a Coaching Practice by visiting:

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