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If you are looking for an online trading education service, I suggest you look at RockzFX. The company is well-known on social media, has a website, and even has a YouTube channel with over 230,000 subscribers. Many of their videos receive thousands of views, and their Instagram account has over 170,000 followers. While they don’t boast about their wealth, they have a lot of helpful information and don’t shill for a lifestyle.

RockzFX is a trading education service.

RockzFX is a trading education platform that allows its members to become more successful in the trading market. The platform features various features, including an advanced trading journal, a trading panel that automates trade management actions, and a real-time trading simulator. These features enable traders to improve their trading knowledge and skills. In addition, the company’s Ultimate/Life Time Pack also includes access to all four of the core chapters of its courses. These chapters teach members how to think like professional traders and manage their trades profitably.

The RockzFX Academy teaches its members how to profit from forex trading through simple strategies. It also provides members a trading floor with real-time trading sessions and mentoring. While forex isn’t my favorite form of trading, the RockzFX Academy promises to teach you how to make money with it.

Although the website claims that students can become profitable with their trading courses, this service has several significant problems. The first issue is that the RockzFX Academy doesn’t provide the names of its instructors. In addition, the program’s instructors don’t offer proof of the trading edge they claim to have. The program is also marketed towards newcomers to the trading world, but it isn’t for beginners.

The course is 30 days long and requires two work hours per day, with a minimum of two hours per day. It’s important to remember that the returns on forex are much lower than those from stocks and crypto. For beginners, this can be a risky venture. The cost of RockzFX is $597 one-time and $99 monthly.

It costs $99 per month

A membership to the RockzFX Academy will give you access to its online courses and real-time trading floor. These features allow you to interact with other members, ask questions, and share ideas. This helps speed up your learning and creates accountability. So whether you choose a one-time fee of $597 or pay for an ongoing membership of $99 per month, you can be sure to learn something from this course.

The RockzFX Academy promises to teach you how to trade the forex market clearly. The program also offers a  trading floor and mentoring sessions. While I am not a big fan of the trading market, I am intrigued by the academy’s promise to teach beginners to earn profits through simple Forex strategies. Of course, the downside is that it is expensive. However, if you’re serious about making money with forex, RockzFX is worth a look.

The RockzFX Academy offers a five-day course suitable for beginners and more experienced traders. The academy’s Youtube channel has over 230,000 subscribers and over 170,000 followers. Although it doesn’t paint itself as a guru, it offers many free training videos. It does not try to promote its lifestyle but instead strives to teach forex trading clearly and practically.

It doesn’t flaunt its wealth.

RockzFX is an online forex academy. It has a website, a Youtube channel, and an Instagram account. Its videos get tens of thousands of views. But, despite its wealth and popularity, the company doesn’t flaunt it. Its content is informational and not designed to sell a lifestyle.