Samsung Galaxy S8 Review


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a great smartphone with great features. The main highlights of this smartphone are its impressive graphics and benchmark score. It comes with Android 7.0 Nougat, but the device is set to receive an update to Android 9.0 Pie in February 2019. This phone offers an excellent software experience and has a nice Samsung touch.

Face Recognition

The Samsung Galaxy S8 features a revolutionary design, rethinking how the smartphone looks. It breaks the boundaries of a conventional phone’s display, giving users pure content and no bezel. Instead, the screen is all glass, with no angles and a smooth surface. The result is an Infinity Display, which focuses on the content itself.

The face recognition feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be turned off and on. To turn it off, press the volume buttons and power buttons together. After that, go to the Android recovery menu. Select ‘Data/factory reset and choose yes to delete user data.

Navigation bar

The navigation bar on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a feature that helps you navigate your smartphone. To access the navigation bar, you must swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Once the bar appears, it will stay there for a few seconds and then slide away. Similarly, you can use the same gesture to hide it.

To change the color of the navigation bar on your device, go to the display settings and find the “Navigation bar” setting. There, you’ll find several color schemes for your navigation bar. In addition, you can also change the button layout of the navigation screen. For example, you can change the recent button to the back button. The home button, on the other hand, remains at the center.


The display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most impressive features of the flagship smartphone. This screen provides a rich experience when viewing videos and photos. In addition, the display is incredibly bright and features a record high Peak Brightness. The screen also features user-adjustable White Point and RGB color balance slider controls. It also has Dual Ambient Light Sensors and Night Mode. And it also offers a wider Native Color Gamut.

Samsung has employed a process called DisplayMate to evaluate the display quality of their flagship devices. The program has more charts than a typical graduate thesis and uses test data points to determine the best smartphone display. According to DisplayMate, the Samsung Galaxy S8 has the highest native color gamut in its class, with 113% of the DCI-P3 motion picture standard and 142% of the sRGB / Rec. 709 standards. These standards are used for most 1080p content.

Battery life

You should never limit your phone’s battery life. It’s a good idea to buy an extra battery so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice while away from home. Also, having a spare battery will come in handy if you plan to take a business trip and need to make calls while you’re away. A Samsung Galaxy S8 battery is perfect for these occasions.

Keeping the brightness down is important to prolong battery life on your Galaxy S8. Brighter screens make the screen look more vibrant, which also means more power is wasted. So, try to keep your screen at a lower brightness and experiment with different settings to find out which works best for you. Also, don’t forget to uninstall apps that eat up too much power.


The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the latest flagship smartphone from the Korean company. It features an innovative design that changes the way you view the world around you. Its revolutionary Infinity Display breaks away from the traditional smartphone design by removing the bezel and allowing pure content to dominate the screen. Its screen has no angles and a smooth surface, meaning it feels as if it’s made entirely out of glass.

Several users have reported that the camera on their Galaxy S8 is not working properly. They’ve complained about blurry photos and videos. You can fix this issue by going to the camera settings menu on your device. You’ll find this setting on the lower left corner of the screen.