Small Business Bonfire


Bonfire offers high-quality t-shirt merchandise to individuals and organizations looking to raise funds or build community. Their services include designing, printing, shipping, customer service, and payment processing using G Suite, Ameyo, and MailChimp to manage their business.

Small Business Bonfire is a collaborative community offering entrepreneurs actionable advice and tools. Offering both short blogs and more in-depth articles covering an array of topics.

Brian Marks

Bonfire team helps individuals and groups spread their message while making money at the same time by taking care of everything from designing, printing, and shipping for them – leaving the creator to focus on what truly matters to them.

Marks earned his degree from Virginia Commonwealth University before transitioning into medical device sales for ten years, before making the leap into startups and creating two successful ventures – while also serving as an adjunct professor at the University of New Haven.

Before joining Healthcare IP, Brian Marks managed the revenue cycle services for Navigant/Cymetrix for over ten years. Through strong customer relations and a genuine interest in what would best serve his clients, Brian established long-standing trusted partnerships. His extensive healthcare contract experience includes complex contracts and overseeing strategic growth initiatives at multi-national health systems – making him an asset to our executive leadership team!

Big Ideas for Small Business

Small Business Bonfire provides entrepreneurs with a collaborative community for entrepreneurs, offering invaluable resources that help businesses thrive. Their resources span everything from standing desk selection and marketing automation systems to quick reads and in-depth articles suitable for all audiences.

Established in 2017, this blog provides small business owners with a powerful resource. Its short yet actionable blog posts cover various topics such as marketing, sales, customer service, and finance and provide tips and tricks for achieving business success.

Small Business Bonfire’s blog also offers an informative FAQs section that answers frequently asked questions, and its site is regularly updated with fresh content that keeps its audience coming back for more. They publish a weekly newsletter full of tips and advice, as well as being search engine optimized, and use tools such as G Suite, Ameyo, and MailChimp – but also use Circuit, an all-in-one team communication app with voice/video/screen share/chat capabilities – to increase visibility.

Duct Tape Marketing

One of the top marketing podcasts, this show provides tips and tools to help small businesses thrive. Through interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders alike, this podcast shares valuable advice regarding marketing and growth strategies.

Duct Tape Marketing was established by John Jantsch, the world’s foremost practical small business marketing expert, to provide practical small business advice in an easily understandable format. Duct Tape offers books and a successful blog, as well as an intensive course that breaks down what has traditionally been considered traditional best practices into manageable steps.

Duct tape, manufactured by 3M, is an indispensable household item known for its adaptability. Their adhesive brands include Duck Tape, which features vivid colors and patterns appealing to children, and Scotch brand duct tape, used for emergency repairs. When an Alaska pilot discovered a bear attack had severely damaged his plane, his crew managed to patch it back together using sheets of plastic and lots of duct tape.

Small Business Trends

As a small business owner, you must keep up-to-date on emerging trends to plan and prepare your company for its implementation in the future. These trends include new technology, online sales platforms, and marketing strategies.

There are various resources and tools to assist in understanding and implementing emerging small business trends. From brainstorming new ideas to revamping existing ones, these resources can make an incredible difference in the success of your venture.

Bonfire Tees was established in 2017 to provide high-quality, customized t-shirt merchandise to nonprofit organizations and individuals, raising funds and awareness for causes. They aim to offer an unforgettable experience while raising funds and awareness. Bonfire uses G Suite, Ameyo, and MailChimp as marketing platforms, with headquarters in Virginia but an international presence. Furthermore, Bonfire has co-founded Belle Isle Moonshine, an all-purpose premium moonshine that hopes to rival vodka as America’s clear spirit of choice!