Starkey Phone Compatibility


Thrive App delivers reminders, calendar updates, texts, and social media notifications directly to hearing aids, as well as hands-free calling capabilities.

This app provides volume and sound adjustments to Starkey devices and even supports telehealth appointments with hearing specialists.

With the Evolv AI, steps and fall alerts can be monitored, and its language translation feature makes Starkey even more attractive.

Thrive App

The Thrive app from Starkey Hearing Aids allows users to control their Bluetooth hearing aids using their smartphone, as well as provides features such as a digital assistant that can set reminders or modify programs, as well as a fall alert that sends emergency texts if detected falls occur – especially helpful for older adults and those living with dementia as it helps prevent injuries caused by falls.

The Starkey Thrive app is compatible with both Android phones and Apple devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. Once it has been installed, a user must enable Bluetooth on their device to activate it and pair their hearing aids – this will prompt them into pairing mode; once ready to pair, close them to their phone – after some minutes, the app will notify them that their connection has been established.

Starkey’s Thrive App provides cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tools that can be used to address anxiety and stress management, including deep breathing exercises, meditation sessions, thought training techniques, and muscle relaxation techniques. You can use the app to track your mood weekly or monthly, take questionnaires screening for possible anxiety or depression conditions – and provide personalized plans of treatment to address them effectively.

Thrive is a recently-launched app on the Google Play store that has received generally positive reviews, although users have voiced some issues; such as difficulty connecting hearing aids to it or delays when calling. Still, regardless of any potential limitations, this tool offers Starkey product users.

The Thrive app is an ideal companion to both Genesis AI and Evolv AI Bluetooth hearing aids, allowing you to adjust volume levels, switch memories, and access health-tracking features. Furthermore, you can stream music or audio from your smartphone through it, plus there’s even an Edge Mode, which boosts specific frequencies to help better detect people wearing face masks.

Made for Android

Starkey now has Made for Android technology available on their Livio AI hearing aid, making hands-free calls and streaming possible from various apps without interference. At present, this feature is only available on a handful of phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and Note 10. To ensure compatibility a combination of software and Bluetooth chip functionality are used to achieve compatibility. Android phone owners frequently experience difficulty using hands-free phones with Bluetooth accessories like earbuds. Although reviews for this technology vary widely, most have had positive experiences when trying it, and the brand receives top scores on Trustpilot and BBB ratings.

Made for iPhone

Starkey Hearing Aids has long been at the forefront of smartphone-compatible hearing aid technology, being utilized by sound artists on projects such as “Phantom Terrains.” Furthermore, Starkey is well known for their generous charitable endeavors, donating over one million hearing aids globally.

Made for iPhone, hearing aids are compatible with an array of iOS devices, such as the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone XS Max, and iPad models equipped with an M1 chip.

These hearing aids come in RIC, mRIC, ITC, and ITE styles and feature premium sound quality with rechargeable batteries and control from both iPhones and Android phones. Furthermore, they’re compatible with the TruLink app for added convenience.