Team Conrad Or Jeremiah Shirt From American Eagle


Show your loyalty to The Summer I Turned Pretty with new merchandise inspired by its romantic triangle with T-shirts declaring your side or Belly-inspired infinity necklaces from American Eagle’s official collection below. Plus, hear directly from stars about their favorite pieces from this year’s season two collection!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Infinity Necklace T-Shirt

No matter which team you support, Belly’s iconic infinity necklace from Susannah and Cousins Beach should be an essential piece for every fan of TSITP. Wear it proudly to keep Susannah close and Cousins Beach close.

The Summer I Turned Pretty has returned for another season full of drama (and new friends). There have been heart-wrenching moments already this season; however, episode one will leave viewers both delighted and feeling somewhat lost.

At the start of season two, Belly and Conrad find themselves trapped inside a motel due to a storm. While spending much of the evening talking and getting acquainted, Steven and Jeremiah enter with plans of having a bonfire on the beach. Steven asks Belly, but she declines due to prior programs at the pool; Jeremiah attempts to convince Belly they will wait. But Jeremiah shrugs their shoulders before leaving without further discussion or wait time – leaving only Steven behind as their plan proceeds without her.

Later, Belly received a message from Jeremiah asking her to join them at their beach house for his birthday celebrations. Belly attempted to convince Jeremiah not to come, explaining to him her parents were expecting her back home for the Christmas holidays and she needed to study for a vital bio final on that particular day; he told her no and told her to “get lost.”

At the beach house, Belly receives a purple bikini from Taylor for her birthday and shows it off to Jeremiah, who then criticizes her for neglecting all her other friends in favor of Jeremiah and Susannah.

Belly and Jeremiah manage to spend the remainder of their weekend hanging out with friends at the pool and volleyball, even working to escape the flat tire that had them stuck at the motel and head out for the bonfire at the beach anyway. You can feel Belly and Jeremiah’s tension building throughout this episode before finally culminating when Belly gives Jeremiah Susannah’s wedding letter from Susannah herself!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Infinity Necklace Necklace

Lola Tung and Christopher Briney remain romantically involved, yet Belly (Lola Tung) continues to harbor strong feelings for Conrad (Christopher Briney). A delicate infinity sign necklace serves as a beautiful reminder that their connection will always remain endless.

Childhood best friends Laurel and Belly are spending the weekend at her beach house in Cousins Beach, reliving and remembering fond memories together. However, as Belly put on the purple bikini Taylor gave her for her birthday and noticed Conrad may lose it when he sees it, she quickly dismissed this thought before jumping in the pool with Jeremiah, Steven, and Nicole for some fun games of pool volleyball, – before Nicole gets hit in the head with a ball and Belly rushes over to check on her; only to fall herself under before being pulled back out by Jeremiah and Jeremiah before finally giving up and leaving them all there forever!

Once they return to the main house, Laurel informs Belly of her upcoming debutante ceremony – an archaic tradition wherein girls are presented to society by their father in a formal presentation ceremony; something Belly is keenly opposed to as she longs to meet the boys but has been held back due to school. Now, this could be her opportunity!

Belly reluctantly agrees to go. At first, she’s excited, but as soon as she realizes Conrad is going with them, she quickly turns from excitement into fear. Belly attempts to convince Conrad she’s fine, but in a stunning scene, every fan will remember from this show will weep out loud when he pushes her away and goes back to Brown instead of staying with Belly.

But their story is far from over: Belly and Jeremiah decide to start fresh by meeting for coffee in the plaza where they first fell in love, making the best of a problematic situation while knowing things will eventually change. Fans can show their loyalty with these The Summer I Turned Pretty-inspired T-shirts and accessories from StyleCaster or visit our merchandise store to purchase more! All products or services listed may earn commission from retailers – please read our full disclosure policy for details.