Tequila Old Fashioned


An old-fashioned with a twist! This delicious cocktail replaces bourbon with anejo tequila for an enjoyable sipping experience with warm vanilla and floral notes reminiscent of its whiskey counterpart. For optimal results, use anejo tequila aged one to three years for optimal sipping experience.

This drink features a mixture of nectarine slices, cherries, and agave syrup blended, finished off with your preferred tequila for a sweet and tasty drink. Easy preparation!

1. Tequila

The Old Fashioned is one of the classic cocktails, yet its versatility makes it ideal for swapping in other spirits, including tequila. Matt Armato from Probably This created this version using reposado tequila, allspice dram, and orange bitters to bring new flair to this old favorite.

Reposado tequila has undergone a short aging process to develop its subtle vanilla aroma and flavor, pairing perfectly with dark fruits like cherries and nectarines in this variation on an old-fashioned. Bing cherries add sweetness and brightness, while brown sugar brings balance. For optimal dilution, use a larger piece of ice, such as 2-inch cubes or cocktail stones.

Altos Tequila’s popular demand has created an explosion of premium tequila styles. For an innovative take on an old-fashioned, they use anejo tequila aged for one to three years instead of traditional bourbon; this results in an incredible cocktail that highlights natural flavors such as agave, vanilla, and oak char while offering subtle hints of pepper spice and heat.

To create the ideal anejo old-fashioned cocktail, start with the high-grade tequila you can afford. Select high-quality syrup such as agave nectar, angostura bitters, and citrus peel to amplify its complex flavors. Chef and Frontera Grill restaurateur Rick Bayless adds smokiness by soaking a dried ancho chile in water before incorporating it into his cocktail.

Your liquor cabinet might tempt you to grab any old bottle of tequila for this recipe, but choosing an excellent-quality spirit is essential to success with this dish. A reposado tequila has undergone short aging processes, which give it vanilla notes; or try something like Partida Anejo, which has been aged one to three years for added vanilla, chocolate, and spice complexity.

2. Agave Nectar

The agave plant is an integral component of Mexican cuisine, used to craft tequila and sweet syrup. Believed to have medicinal benefits and used as an ingredient in cocktails and drinks. Agave sap fermented and distilled produces tequila, while its juice filtered and heated produces nectar, an alternative sweetener that’s less processed with a lower glycemic index than table sugar while being vegan- and naturally gluten-free.

A few tablespoons of agave can add the perfect sweetness to any drink, making it a healthier alternative to refined sugar because it is low-calorie and contains natural plant-based fructose rather than more processed glucose.

As with any sweetener, agave should be enjoyed in moderation. While its glycemic index may be lower than others, fructose still dominates and should be consumed as with any sugar-based sweetener.

Agave nectar can be found in most grocery store baking aisles, natural foods sections, online, or in health food shops. For optimal storage conditions, up to one year’s shelf life should be stored in dark places in your pantry.

Costco sells a selection of organic blue agave nectar products, including two 36-ounce Kirkland Signature bottles certified organic from Mexico with no artificial sweeteners or additives, making it gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO project verified. Furthermore, Costco organically grows and harvests its agave from its core plant for maximum quality assurance in its product.

3. Bitters

Bitters are alcohol-based flavoring agents designed to add an intense punch of concentrated flavor in small doses to cocktails, often featuring botanical essences such as herbs, spices, flowers, bark, and roots infused with bittersweet and aromatic qualities that balance out sweetness while elevating flavors. They may even offer medicinal properties that aid digestion and detoxification and promote heart health and blood sugar control.

Before Prohibition, many bitters were created and sold as patent medicines to treat various conditions. However, many of these old recipes have been revived to be used as cocktail bitters; these can now be added to cocktails in place of other ingredients and create unique drinks, making even non-alcoholic beverages more sophisticated and memorable!

Many bitters companies provide an array of flavors ranging from classic aromatic, orange and angostura, and smoked chili. Some bitters companies create their products using whole spices and citrus peel. In contrast, others turn to commercial liquid extracts with potentially undesirable additives – Bitter Truth offers various varieties ranging from grapefruit, rhubarb cocoa campfire bitters.

Glasser suggests selecting your bitters according to the spirit you’re using; for instance, bourbon pairs well with dessert-like bitters such as Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters, while tequila lends itself well to spicy or herbaceous notes (have a go at Hella Bitters Smoked Chili Bitters). For an authentic craft experience, search out smaller batches or local bitters makers.

Bitters should be used sparingly; just a few dashes can completely transform any drink and provide the finishing touch to any cocktail. Combine anejo tequila, agave nectar, and bitters in a rocks or lowball glass before stirring to combine; garnish with orange peel before serving.

4. Ice

The Old Fashioned is a timeless cocktail. Composed of spirit, sugar, and bitters served over ice, this version adds the flavor of tequila to give the drink its unique character. An easy recipe and fantastic results await with this variation: its smoother taste provides contrast against whiskey. At the same time, orange bitters bring their unique sweetness, which balances each other well to create the ultimate drinking experience! This beverage makes an excellent party cocktail or can even convert those who dislike whiskey into fans!

Tequila is a trendy ingredient for cocktails, and this tequila old-fashioned is an enjoyable way to experience its flavorful qualities. Only three elements are necessary: sugar and bitters are stirred together before being strained over ice before garnishing with orange peel strips for garnish. Anyone can appreciate its simple but flavorful pleasure!

Tequila may get an unfair reputation as the drink of choice among college students or as an ingredient for margarita mixes. Still, high-quality tequila can be enjoyed as an elegant sipper in its own right. This old-fashioned tequila made with premium anejo tequila shows how sophisticated sipping with this premium anejo variety can create drinks that rival those made with classic whiskey cocktails in elegance and sophistication. An anejo aged up to 18 months in oak barrels highlights its natural flavors and aromas. Adding Fresno chilies and maple syrup highlights its spices and sweet taste – both elements whisky drinkers use alike in terms of sophistication!

5. Orange Peel

This tequila cocktail recipe calls for the more creative technique of burning an orange peel garnish as part of its presentation. Burning is an effective way to add extra flavor and visual flair. To do it properly, place a strip of skin across a cocktail glass with its outer edge facing inward, holding a lighter to singe it briefly; this release natural oils from its peel that enhance both its aroma and visual appearance – creating an elegantly beautiful garnish in this way!

For maximum flavor, we advise using an anejo tequila of high quality in this cocktail. An Anejo spends at least one year in its barrel before being released for consumption; its resultant smooth and rich amber spirit features subtle vanilla, caramel, and wood notes, making it the ideal ingredient to combine with bitters to bring out all their beautiful characteristics.

Make this classic Tequila Old Fashioned cocktail by mixing Tequila, Agave Syrup, and Bitters in a rock or lowball glass and stirring well before adding ice cubes to cool and slow the dilution rate. Add a twist of orange peel over your drink to release its oils before dropping it in your glass for the finishing touch!

This drink is an easy and flavorful variation on the classic old-fashioned, featuring Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila as its base instead of Bourbon. While simple in form, this tequila-based cocktail boasts complex and robust flavors with an unexpectedly savory and spicy finish – it is the perfect way to show off anejo tequila’s unique attributes while offering something different than high-end whiskey for those wanting a new way of experiencing its delights!