Tham Kannalikham – Laos-American Interior Designer and 2021 Alpha Award Winner


Tham Kannalikham is an interior designer and the principal of Kannalikham Design LLC. Originally from Laos, she has a background in architecture and design. After working for Ralph Lauren Home, she branched out independently, specializing in interior design for VIP clients. She also worked with top architects and artisans on a variety of projects.

Tham kannalikham is a Laos-American decorator.

Tham Kannalikham is a Laos-American decorator and 2021 Alpha Award winner. She is the principal and founder of Kannalikham Design LLC. Originally from Laos, Tham began her career at Ralph Lauren Home before focusing on private clients and high-end projects. She has worked with high-profile clients such as Melania Trump, who enlisted her services for a recent renovation.

The first lady traditionally chooses an interior decorator to redecorate the family’s private quarters. This year, Melania Trump hired a Laotian-American designer, Tham Kannalikham. While the former first lady, Michelle Obama, had Michael S. Smith decorate the First Family’s private quarters, Tham is one of the few Laotian-Americans to have the honor.

The White House uses traditional furniture from the White House archive for her residential spaces, but she also has an affinity for Mid-Century Modern design. The decorator recently completed a home in Greenwich, Connecticut, in which she used period pieces by 1920s film star William Haines.

She has worked for Ralph Lauren Home.

Tham Kannalikham is the principal and founder of Kannalikham Design LLC. She was born in Laos and began her career working at Ralph Lauren Home. During her tenure there, she distinguished herself with design projects for VIP clients. In addition, she worked closely with leading architects and artisans.

Despite being from Laos, Tham was raised in the United States. She later attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and is currently based in New York. Tham is also a designer at the company’s home division. The brand is known for its classic American style and preppy style. Her powder blue inaugural dress may have influenced her style.

The designer has worked on the White House, including the inauguration and the first lady’s residence. In addition, she has extensive experience working with private clients and has studied early American architecture and decorative arts. She has also been appointed as the official decorator for Melania Trump’s residence.

She is a 2021 Alpha Award Recipient

Tham Kannalikham is a recipient of the 2021 Alpha Award. She is an architect who has extensive experience designing homes for private clients. In addition, she has studied early American architecture and decorative arts. She is honored to be working with the First Lady. Her award-winning design firm, Kannalikham Design, remains small but maintains a dedication to history, archives, and detail.

Tham Kannalikham is the principal and founder of Kannalikham Design LLC, an architecture and interior design firm in New York. She is passionate about studying historical precedents and visits historic properties to further her education. She also goes on worldwide study trips and attends lectures to expand her knowledge. Tham is also committed to promoting connoisseurship among the younger generation.

In addition to her work with the Trump White House, Kannalikham is a noted interior designer. She has worked with some of the most influential designers in the industry. She began her career at Ralph Lauren home and soon launched her firm, Kannalikham Designs. Since then, she has become a mentor to other young women in architecture and design.

She has a more streamlined aesthetic

The President’s inauguration party may have featured gold and marble accents, but Tham Kannalikham has a much more streamlined aesthetic. She started her career at Ralph Lauren Home in New York and now runs her firm as the principal of Kannalikham Designs. She also collaborated with Ralph Lauren Home, the home decor arm of the global fashion brand.

Tham Kannalikham is a Laotian-American designer who worked for Ralph Lauren Home before launching her own company, Kannalikham Designs. Her aesthetic is very contemporary, but she’s also notably sensitive to client privacy. Her style is influenced by French, English, and American cultures.

In addition to creating beautiful, classic spaces, Tham is also a history lover. She deeply appreciates the White House’s historical aspects, which is one of the reasons she’ll be an excellent fit for the position.