The Best Fish and Chips Near Me in NYC


Nothing beats fish and chips as a classic pub food dish if you enjoy seafood. For generations, I have enjoyed them so much!

An authentic fish and chip shop provides crisp, light battered cod with creamy peas, fluffy battered potato salad, and crispy yet fluffy chips – many such establishments exist here in NYC.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips

Gordon Ramsay may be one of the world’s acclaimed chefs, but he also enjoys making traditional British bar food like fish and chips with an easy beer batter and plenty of vinegar. On YouTube, he once shared his recipe for this popular bar food!

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips recently made its New York debut at Times Square and offers its signature recipe in fast-casual form. Boasting 35 seats in an intimate environment surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows so guests can watch Broadway without actually being there, plus pops of red and blue throughout with some Union Jack flags thrown in for good measure – it pays homage to their British roots!

This menu blends traditional pub fare with modern interpretations of recipes. At its heart are crispy cod, shrimp, and chicken served with British chips (aka French fries) and an assortment of flavorful sauces such as tartar sauce, curry & mango, Dijon mayonnaise Sriracha Aioli & Southwest ranch. Protein can also be ordered as combination plates paired with two sauces or as sandwiches; you can customize your fries with toppings such as jalapeno chorizo truffle parmesan cheese, red onion, and chives!

Sticky Toffee Pudding and Biscoff Shakes are among the many delectable treats at this restaurant, while craft beers and ciders are always on tap to satisfy thirsty beverage enthusiasts.

Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips opened to much praise, yet critics have voiced some reservations. Some critics have described its fish and chips as bland, while others feel the batter lacks some of the intense notes usually found at British chippies. Still, this NYC restaurant holds promise and is worth visiting; just be sure to order some mushy peas to accompany your meal and save room for dessert, as this will help offset all that rich fried goodness!

Famous Fish Market

You’ll find New York City’s premier fish and chips at South Street Seaport’s Fast-Fish eatery. Their expansive menu – which spans American bar snacks, vaguely Italian pasta plates, and Chinese/Malaysian options – includes some fantastic fish and chips fried in vast vats of oil with an irresistibly crunchy breading – served on paper alongside refreshing lemonades makes this hearty comfort food ideal after a night out or as an afternoon treat!

Rosedale Market on the Upper East Side was beloved among celebrities such as Bianca Jagger and Woody Allen, but its staff have since left. Dorian Mecir took up the challenge of filling this void by opening this high-end seafood market that offers fresh catches while providing meal ideas such as pan-roasted salmon platter or curried mussel salad. Plus, you can watch staffers demonstrate their pin boning expertise when customers request shellfish tags!

Fulton Market fish tables may remain, but this chef-favorite offers more. Their backroom provides an unparalleled mix of old-guard Fulton style and contemporary Chinatown threads for an unforgettable marketplace filled with snappy blue crabs, vibrant crawfish, and luxurious Fourchu lobster. A single worker sliced coral-hued whelk slices and aromatic sayori tuna tataki ribbons from behind. At their front counter, they have a whole squid, smoked mackerel tataki, and plump anchovies – everything one could need!

Adam Geringer-Dunn and Vinny Milburn’s vision when taking over Citarella as an East Village staple in 2014 wasn’t to bring Citarella into the 21st century; rather they wanted to focus on cooking underutilized species like Chesapeake wild blue catfish, which is packed with more flavor than its farmed cousins; plus providing customers with access to only freshest, highest-tasting fish they could find – three years on they have achieved just that with an ever-expanding customer following flocking there for its freshest catch and expert preparation of everything from wild salmon iced up until even spear-caught lionfish!

Harlem Shake

The Harlem Shake meme has gone viral, with young people performing its moves to music by Brooklyn producer Baauer. Millions of spoof videos have surfaced on YouTube this past week alone. However, while these Internet memes may provide entertainment value, they also obscure Harlem’s longstanding black culture history, writes The Root.

The restaurant is designed to evoke a classic diner experience, featuring retro counter stools and a sign proclaiming itself as the original home of the Harlem Shake. Walls feature Jet magazine covers and photos of prominent Black American personalities like Regina Hall, P. Diddy, Maya Angelou, and Questlove; its menu aims to highlight neighborhood ingredients while celebrating Black food traditions.

One of the most sought-after offerings on their menu is a Jamaican pepper sauce-topped jerk burger on a bun, complete with fried onions and cookies ‘n cream and red velvet shakes. Additionally, they offer Brugula burgers featuring two beef patties, brie cheese, and smoked bacon onion jam for something unique to experience!

Harlem Burger and Milkshake Company offer families an enjoyable dining experience while sampling some of Harlem’s delicious burgers and milkshakes. Rated at 4.2 on Google, the restaurant is situated in central Harlem and serves tasty food in an atmosphere filled with warmth from its friendly staff – perfect for trying some of New York City’s best burgers!

The restaurant is committed to supporting its community beyond serving delicious burgers and milkshakes; donations are made to local charities and an annual Miss (or Mr.) Harlem Shake competition, open to both cisgender and transgender people; the winner receives $750 that they may donate directly to any nonprofit of their choosing.

Contrary to most fast-food chains, this establishment takes great pride in using only quality ingredients. Their unique meat blend from Creekstone Farms is ground fresh right before their customers’ orders come in; bread from Martin’s Potato Roll of Pennsylvania Dutch Country supplies their bread for bread, while in-house condiments round off an excellent menu and decor experience for Harlem neighbors.

A Salt & Battery

At this tiny West Village chippy, authentic British cuisine can be found and enjoyed without being local. A friendly Brit with bright red hair greets customers at the counter with “How do ya do, mate?” A variety of battered and deep-fried cod, haddock, sole, and whiting (they recently switched over due to overfishing concerns) is served alongside better-than-french-fries chips and mushy peas for children as well as “fish bites” for kids, and those with allergies can opt for the grilled chicken sandwich option instead.

Tartar sauce at Fish N Chips is irresistibly delicious; try a medium for maximum fish. In the summertime, why not grab one of their refreshing beverages like Lucozade or Irn Bru from their refrigerator and relax on their outdoor bench seating?

Chip butties (a sandwich made of fries and fish) can be hard to come by in town, and this is one of the few places where they offer one – and it is truly fantastic! The fish and batter are delightfully light and crispy, while some chips may be slightly soggy or soft; nevertheless, you will still receive excellent service here. You may gain fame and eternal immortality if you finish in under 15 minutes!