The Best Sword and Scale Episodes


Episodes of Sword and Scale explore some of the most brutal crimes ever perpetrated, using uncensored audio from 911 calls, court testimony, and more – giving listeners a complete look into the seedy underworld of crime.

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1. The Children’s Murders

With few comparable rivals, sword and Scale stands alone regarding true crime podcasts. This top-rated show delves into the underworld of criminal activity while exposing how our justice system fails people. Utilizing audio clips, interviews, and narration techniques – Sword and Scale create a captivating narrative that keeps listeners gripped throughout each episode – many episodes focus on some of the most horrific crimes, including victims and perpetrators.

One of the most listened-to episodes of this podcast, called “Profiler, Profiled,” tells the tale of Carl Buford – a serial killer known for killing children and young men through asphyxiation and sexual attacks – whose crimes bear striking similarities with another notorious serial killer known as Atlanta Child Murders.

This episode also explores the case of Simon, a young Navy seaman who disappeared from Gibraltar in 1986 and may have fallen prey to a serial killer. After extensive search efforts failed, investigators realized this possibility existed and began an exhaustive search operation to find him.

It is a disturbing episode that examines the unspeakable horrors committed against their children by some parents, often for bizarre and bizarre motives. Some cases show parents taking perverse pleasure in harming or even murdering their offspring for seemingly inexplicable reasons.

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2. The Love and Murder Podcast

Love and Murder podcast is an award-winning true crime series that examines human nature with its gripping narratives and superior production values, drawing audiences in quickly. However, this podcast’s intense content has raised ethical concerns that its stories may sensationalize tragedy.

Episodes explore crimes from various perspectives, with interviews featuring victims and perpetrators and raw audio recordings from 911 calls and court testimony. This unique approach to true crime podcasting has made this show popular with those interested in criminals and human depravity.

One of the most talked-about episodes from the Love and Murder series features Jenelle Evans, a woman who murdered her family to exact revenge against those she perceived had wronged her. This episode provides an unnerving look into the mind of a serial killer and will provide insight into what happens when people are driven to extreme measures.

Famous episodes of this podcast include the account of Luka Magnotta, who committed suicide after posting an online murder video for thousands to see. Another episode explores Junko Furuta’s ordeal under her captors, who tortured and abused her for 44 days before killing herself.

This podcast also covers lesser-known cases that are just as gripping, such as those surrounding Jeffery Dahmer, which give an intriguing peek into human psychology and behavior.

3. The Murder of Randy Stair

This episode delves deep into the horrific story of Randy Stair, who committed a mass murder at a Weis supermarket in Wisconsin in 2015. Mike Boudet examines every detail of this unforgiving crime, shocking those living nearby and making national news headlines today. Mike Boudet breaks down every element of this horror-stricken case that still haunts our communities today – it remains one of Sword and Scale’s most shocking episodes ever!

True crime is an engaging topic to study because it allows listeners to understand the depths of human depravity. Sword and Scale shines here by expertly weaving audio clips, interviews, and narration into a compelling narrative that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats. Listeners will hear 911 calls, interrogation room recordings from investigators, trial testimonies, and more to give a complete picture of these cases.

Randy Stair (known online as Andrew Blaze) became obsessed with the Nickelodeon cartoon character Ember. He regularly posted sinister YouTube uploads about her and called her his queen; in one video, he indicated his intention to kill many in his town before himself.

Sometimes, police investigations alone cannot provide victims the justice they deserve. When Lea Porter went missing in Colorado, her friends and family took matters into their own hands to locate her. This podcast explores this case – including extracting a confession from suspect Allegro Grave, now living as a female robot.

4. The Murder of Junko Furuta

Junko Furuta’s murder was one of the most horrendous and sickening acts ever documented. Four high school boys abducted her and subjected her to 44 days of unimaginable torture: being raped over 400 times; forced to masturbate in front of them; dropping barbells onto her stomach; burning her with cigarettes, lighters, and hot wax; breaking both legs and genitalia with iron bars and skewers as punishment – among many other horrors.

Hiroshi Miyano abducted Junko and three of his friends as she rode her bicycle home from a part-time job on November 25, 1988. Miyano approached her pretending to offer assistance; within moments, they had kidnapped her.

Though she pleaded for help, her captors failed to respond. To punish her for calling the police, they tied her up, poured lighter fluid onto her legs, and set them ablaze, rendering her incapable of walking again after such an ordeal.

Sword and Scale is a true crime podcast that delivers engaging tales about shocking crimes with uncensored audio from 911 calls, police and court tapes, witness interviews, and expert analysis – revealing human nature’s darker sides in today’s civilized society. These riveting episodes make Sword and Scale essential listening for true crime enthusiasts; its production quality sets it apart as one of the best true crime podcasts.

5. The Murder of Harvey’s Wagon Wheel

Sword and Scale is an engaging true crime podcast hosted by Mike Boudet that delves deep into human nature’s dark underbelly. Sword and Scale has gained an enormous following among fans worldwide through captivating storytelling and meticulous research. Sword and Scale covers serial killers to cults – some of the most horrendous crimes on record are covered, keeping listeners gripped to the edge of their seats while challenging morality perspectives in listeners themselves.

Sword and Scale is one of the best-researched true crime podcasts available, employing multiple audio clips ranging from 911 calls, investigator interrogation room audio recordings, trial testimonies, and new interviews to enhance its storytelling experience. Furthermore, this show takes a unique approach by diving deep into each case’s legal process – unlike any other crime show on television today.

Lea Porter’s murder provides an eye-opening lesson in how the law sometimes fails to deliver justice, particularly given recent mass shootings, a stark reminder that even closely knit families can miss warning signs and lead to tragedy.

Sword and Scale takes an in-depth look at two of its most shocking cases ever covered on a podcast. First is Harvey’s Wagon Wheel casino’s bombing using one of the most complex bombs ever built; Junko Furuta recounts her terrifying story of being kidnapped by four young boys for 44 days and tortured by them.

Since its release, Sword and Scale has amassed more than two million podcast streaming plays – earning recognition on NPR and Vice. Its huge audience reflects true crime’s immense appeal while attesting to its high production values and captivating narrative. If you wish to learn more about its estimated listener numbers, Rephonic’s podcast analytics tools offer this information.