The Lifestyled Co


The Lifestyle Co is a full-service design firm + retail shop offering residential new builds, large-scale renovations, and interior design using the minimal and modern Organic Desert Living aesthetic. Based in Gilbert, North Scottsdale/Phoenix, and Arcadia neighborhoods of Phoenix, Arizona.

We’re enjoying the return of warm colors! And their texture-rich offerings such as rattan, wovens, and caning.

Organic Desert Living

Desert living can provide many health advantages for those suffering from seasonal allergies, mainly grass and ragweed. Due to lower humidity in the air, allergens like grass and ragweed have an easier time growing, while no rain means reduced mold and mildew growth. Fewer people living in an area means reduced pollution and stress levels.

Low humidity levels make it easier for skin to remain moisturized, helping prevent wrinkles and age spots. Furthermore, dry climates relieve chronic joint or muscle pain by soothing inflammation-related issues while potentially decreasing medication needs.

Organic desert living requires an earthy palette with white walls, light wood accents, and simple yet sophisticated furnishings that is pleasing to the eyes and helps your home appear pristine despite any dust that inevitably penetrates even the best sealed and insulated homes. A soft color scheme such as this will relax the eyes and ensure your home appears pristine despite any dust accumulation that occurs over time.

Kristen Forgione is the Creator + Principal Designer of THELIFESTYLEDCO, a design firm, and retail shop specializing in Organic Desert Living. After spending ten years working in corporate fields ranging from finance to hospitality, Kristen rediscovered her childhood passion for style + design; in 2012, she headed up Arizona’s west coast design market as a leader with nationwide clients, design studios, retail shops, as well as a team of desert-loving designers and support staff as a team.

Minimal + Modern

Modern minimalism embodies simple lines, organic forms, and a limited palette – like rattan, narrow reed glass, and natural wood textures. This minimalist approach works particularly well in small spaces where clutter builds up over time; storage solutions such as floating shelves framing the doorway may keep clutter at bay and allow your knickknacks and decor pieces to take center stage.

Minimal modern newsletter templates provide a sophisticated aesthetic without overstepping their bounds. This cream and salmon pink minimalist company newsletter has an upbeat tone, while it’s straight lines and neutral palette create a relaxing reading experience for employees.

Bohemian + Natural

Bohemian culture and lifestyle have long been associated with artistic expression and defiance of social norms, often via clothing, art, and lifestyle choices that defy conventional norms and encourage artistic freedom. Boho chic refers to clothing styles that embrace this aesthetic while defying societal expectations to foster creative independence in music, dance, literature, nature, and nature-themed activities such as hiking. Bohemians frequently travel the world for inspiration or enjoy simple pleasures such as watching the sunset or sipping wine from a glass.

Bohemian fashion is defined by flowing dresses adorned with hippie-influenced elements like fringes and floral patterns. This laid-back and expressive style has long been popular with young people due to its comfort and versatility. Accessorizing with scarves or bags also provides a quick way to switch up an ensemble for an entirely different look.

As part of a boho aesthetic, decorate with natural elements and colors from nature. Add an air of wonder with macrame wall hangings and rattan clutch bags; flowy dresses in earthy tones can complete this look, ideally worn alone or layered for a more fitted appearance.

Bohemian lifestyles emphasize individualism and freedom of thought and expression through dancing, singing, writing, and painting – bohemian people don’t let their inner artists go unfulfilled! Bohemians express their passions freely without hesitation or fear and are known to risk financial security for their dreams.

Bohemian people enjoy an eclectic range of flavors and textures in their cuisine. They prefer cooking from homegrown ingredients over processed, eating more vegetables than meat, and preferring savory over sweet dishes. Regarding beverages, bohemians enjoy everything from coffee and smoothies to herbal teas and much more!

Bohemian living is about expressing yourself creatively and authentically, creating an ever-evolving lifestyle that helps bring harmony to the surrounding environment. While you don’t need to sell all your belongings and move into a caravan, simple changes like ditching unnecessary possessions or prioritizing artistic pursuits could help take steps in that direction.

Sustainable + Eco-Friendly

Living an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle is good for our planet and can help combat climate change, resource depletion, and other environmental problems. Living green may seem challenging at first, but there are simple changes you can make in daily life that will have a positive impact. One practical approach to green living is practicing the three R’s of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Reduce energy usage when not needed or turning off appliances when unused can save on utility costs; you could even limit air conditioning usage in summer by regularly cleaning AC filters!

Other tips include being mindful of portion sizes and planning meals to reduce food waste. Furthermore, recycling paper, plastics, metals, and glass is an effective way to lower household waste production, while purchasing reusable items like water bottles, bamboo straws, cloth grocery bags, or coffee or tea cups are great ways to support ethical production practices. Furthermore, purchasing products made with sustainable materials or bearing Fair Trade labels also helps keep ethical production practices.

Finally, aim to travel by foot or bicycle whenever possible and carpool with family and friends. If necessary, try driving an electric or hybrid vehicle; if your children ride cargo bikes independently, consider getting them one or using public bicycle systems like Citi Bike in your city; alternatively, consider sustainable tourism, which involves traveling in ways that help sustain the local environment, culture, and economy while exploring new places.