Top 5 Spy Apps For Android


If you are concerned about your kids or employees, a spy app for Android can be extremely useful. However, it should only be used for a good reason, as invading the privacy of a person’s phone can lead to serious consequences. Before downloading a spy app for Android, check your state’s laws before committing. Many different apps are available for Android devices, so choosing the right one is vitally important.


With the help of the Spyzie for Android app, you can monitor your kid’s smartphone activity. Its dashboard displays call details, including duration and names of contacts. Moreover, it also shows the SMS messages sent to and from the target phone. With this application, you can prevent your kid from using inappropriate applications. Besides, you can take screenshots of the target phone in real-time to check for any suspicious activity. In short, Spyzie for Android can keep your child safe from any dangers and problems.

To use Spyzie for Android, you must log in to the target phone account. The process is easy, and you do not need to touch the target phone. It is also virus-free and very safe to use. To install Spyzie, you need to provide your iCloud credentials. After that, you have to wait for the verification process to finish. Once you have verified the credentials, you can start monitoring the target device. Moreover, the Android version of Spyzie requires a simple installation process. Installation takes only a few minutes.

You can monitor multiple devices at the same time. To spy on multiple devices, Spyzie is an excellent choice. You can track multiple mobile phones with the app. With this tool, you can monitor the activities of employees, children, or anyone else. Spyzie requires no jailbreak or root so that you can use it with complete confidence. The app also allows remote access to target devices through the control panel. And because it does not use your device’s location, you can even use it to track employee activities.

One of the best features of this spy application is that it functions discreetly so that no one will know your device is being monitored. If your child uses Facebook or other social media apps, you will be notified of changes in your SIM card. Spyzie will also notify you whenever the target phone changes SIM cards. This app is compatible with Android 4.0+. The best part about Spyzie for Android is that it is easy to install and can track the device remotely.


If you want to track your spouse or child, you can use iKeyMonitor, an Android spy app. Its features include GPS location, keystrokes, and screenshots. You can also view the phone’s chat history, which can be incredibly useful to find out who is talking to whom. Using iKeyMonitor, you can monitor your spouse’s phone without them knowing.

To begin using iKeyMonitor, you must first root or jailbreak the target phone. This step is essential; if you don’t do it correctly, you may brick the phone. For this reason, less tech-savvy customers may want to look for a spy app that offers an Installation Service so that the download process is done automatically for them. Besides its features’ convenience, iKeyMonitor also offers 24/7 live chat support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Another feature of iKeyMonitor is that it can monitor web and app usage. You can even block web activity if your subject is compliant. It is not entirely undetectable and can never be fully hidden. However, if you want to keep your children safe, you can install iKeyMonitor on their phones without the help of your spouse or child. It is one of the best Android spy apps.

iKeyMonitor is another great app for tracking your spouse or employee. This Android spy app can record all phone activity, including call recordings, text messages, and social media notifications. It can also track contacts. The software is compatible with both iOS and Android phones. It doesn’t require jailbreak and works without root permission. This application has all of the features of a paid spy app and is free to download.


If you’re looking for a spy app for Android, Cocospy is a great choice. The app’s dashboard lets you check out the top 5 callers and see who’s been calling your child or employee. You can even see who’s been deleting messages, too. Cocospy also displays the call log, including the name, number, and duration. The app also automatically saves all activity to your account.

To set up Cocospy, you’ll need to sign up for an account. You’ll need to enter a trusted email address to sign in or reset your password if you forget it. Next, download the app to your target device. Installation is simple and only takes a couple of minutes. The installation process will vary depending on whether you’re looking for an Android spy app or an iOS spy app.

If you’re worried about privacy, you can use Cocospy to monitor what your child is up to on the internet. The app can spy on internet activities whether the phone is jailbroken or rooted. This software shows you what your child has searched for in the past and what they’re doing on the web. The app also contains a keylogger, which records every keystroke on the target device and logs it in a log file. This allows you to view user names, passwords, and more.

The other features of Cocospy are the GPS tracking feature and the geofence feature. You can set geographical boundaries and restrict certain websites to your target. You’ll be notified instantly if your child or employee changes SIM cards. The app also keeps track of browser history and bookmarks. If your target changes the SIM card, you can prevent the change and protect your child’s privacy. Cocospy is an excellent option if you are worried about losing control of your child or employee.


If you want to monitor your child’s activities, you can try the Qustodio spy app for Android. The app works on multiple devices and is compatible with most OS. You must install the app on your child’s device and log in to Qustodio’s website to view its detailed information. You can also watch videos on YouTube to learn how to uninstall Qustodio.

To install Qustodio, you’ll need to enable its accessibility on the device. To monitor notifications and device operations, you need to grant permission to Qustodio. To do so, you need to enable the device admin app, disable battery savers, and enable the uninstall protection. Once you’re done, Qustodio will show a final notification.

Facebook monitoring is another feature available through Qustodio. To use the Facebook monitoring feature, you need to know your child’s Facebook login information and give him/her permission to allow Qustodio to monitor the account. Once you have the permission, you can track Facebook activity and see who your child communicates with. To keep an eye on what your child is doing on Facebook, you can use Qustodio’s monitoring feature to find out who they’re talking to, who they’re messaging, and more.

When you set a time limit for your child to use the device, Qustodio will lock the screen. You can select a specific time for each day or block specific apps. If your child exceeds the time limit, you can reset it. If you want to check up on your child, you can block certain apps from the device. The blocking feature is also useful for monitoring addictive apps and social media usage.


Whether you are a parent, an employer, or simply want to keep track of your teenage son or daughter’s activities, the uMobix spy app for Android is the solution. This surveillance app will record keystrokes on a target device and give you access to deleted and unsent messages. You can also monitor installed applications and block certain apps. Mobic will track the target phone’s activity on any social network or IM app.

The uMobix application is downloaded using a link or QR code on the target phone. Before installing the app, you must have the target phone in your possession for a few minutes. Once installed, you can view the tracked details in different categories. uMobix has different plans for both iOS and Android devices. The iOS version has lighter options and cheaper subscription fees. You can also install Mobic without rooting the target phone.

To install uMobix on a target device, you must be physically present on the device. In addition, you must have access to Apple’s iCloud account and a valid email address. Once you have the required information, sign up for an account on the Mobi website. You can then choose the device type you need to monitor and purchase a subscription to activate the spy app.

Mobi is one of the top cell phone monitoring applications on the market. The software is affordable and gives you access to the phone’s activities. It lets you track call logs, social media posts, and multimedia files. Plus, you can remotely control the planted device. It also works as an employee monitoring system. You can even remotely stream videos and audio. If you’re worried about your child’s safety, Mobic is the way to go.