Total Bleach London – Achieve a Stunning Blonde Finish in Just 16 to 20 Washes


BLEACH LONDON Champagne Super Toner Kit is a must-have kit for those looking for a sparkling, lustrous, pearly finish to their hair. This product is specially designed for pre-lightened hair and will help you achieve a stunning blonde finish in just 16 to 20 washes.

Reincarnation Mask

BLEACH LONDON’s Reincarnation Mask is an innovative and innovative hair mask that can restore dry, damaged hair to its former glory. It is a thick and buttery formula that penetrates deep into the scalp and hair shaft to restore moisture and life to parched, limp locks. It also helps to prevent fading and hair loss.

It is an extremely effective hydrating treatment that can be applied to clean shampooed hair. It contains hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sunflower seed extract, and glycerin. It also contains behentrimonium chloride, benzyl salicylate, and Cetearyl alcohol. It is a relatively inexpensive alternative to the pricier Olaplex.

The Reincarnation Range is a set of powerful bond-restoring technologies that improves hair condition with each wash. It includes a duo of bond-building shampoo and conditioner. It also contains creatine, which is a chemical that rebuilds electrostatic bonds in the hair. It also has a ton of other ingredients that are sure to delight and enlighten.

The Reincarnation Range is also a good example of a product that is made from recycled materials, which is an important issue for all of us. Aside from the product itself, BLEACH London also recycles packaging. It also makes use of a special Eco-Count Toolkit.

Champagne Super Toner Kit

BLEACH LONDON Champagne Super Toner Kit is a semi-permanent hair toner that enhances pre-lightened hair to create a bright, creamy blonde finish. It also creates a golden base for Super Cool Colors. Its gentle formula is ammonia free and works best on a pale yellow bleached base. It can also be used on a darker yellow bleach base to produce a biscuit-blonde result.

BLEACH LONDON offers a wide range of hair color and toner kits that are cruelty-free, vegan, and ammonia free. Some kits include a reincarnation mask that banishes brassy yellow tones from blonde hair. This kit can be used on concise hair or on roots up to 2.5cm (1 inch) long. It comes with an instruction leaflet and plastic gloves.

BLEACH LONDON also offers a Total Bleach Kit for Platinum Blonde Hair. This kit includes bleaching powder, Developing Lotion, and a Reincarnation Mask. It is recommended for dark blonde to dark brown hair. It is formulated to remove natural pigments and is a good option for root regrowth. It is also available in pastel shades.

Reincarnation Cream

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