Uniqlo Hybrid Down Coat Review


Uniqlo has introduced a new line of outerwear called Hybrid Down that blends standard premium down with a new, more developed form. This new type of down offers a pattern that promotes heat and moisture absorption, and it also comes in a more stylish cut than other Uniqlo down products. The new line was inspired by Japanese designer Ayumu Hirano.


Uniqlo’s lightweight down jacket is a great choice for those who want an affordable, compressible down jacket. Compression is essential for backpackers and travellers, and this jacket packs easily and weighs very little. Yet it provides warmth when worn.

This jacket’s shell is made of 100% nylon and is filled with 90% down. The down has a fill power of 640. Higher fill power means that it’s better at retaining heat. It’s available in many different colours and has vertical quilting for extra warmth. The design is also simple and fits well.


The Uniqlo Hybrid Down Coater is a lightweight down jacket that is both compressible and warm. It features a down body with cotton padding and aluminium printed lining for extra warmth. The jacket also comes in three sizes, making it a great fit for most body types.

The Uniqlo Hybrid Down Coater is incredibly compressible, which is important for backpacking or one-bag travel. When a jacket is compressible, it takes up very little space and weighs next to nothing. It also provides a comfortable layering option, keeping you warm during the coldest weather.

Lacks transparency

Uniqlo has introduced a new line of down jackets in its “Hybrid Down” collection. This line combines the traditional premium down with a new form that features a heat-generating and moisture-absorbing pattern. The new line also includes stylish cuts that set it apart from typical Uniqlo down products. In addition, the jackets are inspired by Japanese designer Ayumu Hirano.

The coat looks very warm and is made to withstand the rain. It’s also roomy enough to allow for multiple layers. However, it lacks transparency, which is disappointing when you’re spending so much money on a coat.

Lacks waterproofing

The Uniqlo Hybrid Down Coate is made of a down-filled shell with polyester, nylon, and spandex for added warmth. It has a brushed interior for extra warmth. The down in Uniqlo’s down jackets isn’t very compressible, which makes them heavier and bulkier. A jacket’s warmth depends on its thickness.

The down-filled outer shell is made of recycled materials. This means that the jacket does not contain any PFCs, which pollute water. It also makes use of down that is ethically sourced. The down in this jacket has a unique code that can be used to trace the down’s provenance.

Lacks lining

The Lacks lining in the Uniqlo Hybrid Down Coate adds a layer of warmth without adding bulk to the coat. The coat’s lightweight and roomy silhouette make it perfect for layering. It’s also extremely water-resistant.

Uniqlo has rethought outerwear to be warm and affordable. Its new collection of jackets features a high-tech lining made of aluminium that traps heat between the layers of insulation padding and premium down. This makes Uniqlo’s latest jacket the warmest it’s ever been.

Lacks fill power

The fill power of a down coat is a very important aspect of warmth and insulation. The higher the fill power, the fluffier and warmer it will feel. A down coat with a higher fill power will trap more air per ounce than a down coat with a lower fill power. This is important because down contains tiny fibres that prevent air movement. If these fibres become wet, they collapse against each other and trap heat.

Although a down coat is warmer than a synthetic insulated jacket, it can be heavy and hard to compress. It is best suited for milder weather and for insulating purposes. It should have a fill power of 750 or more. Higher fill power means the jacket is able to retain heat longer. Moreover, it comes in many colours. Another plus point is its simple and fitted design and vertical quilting. If you’re looking for a down coat with a low price, Uniqlo is probably not the one for you.