Wellis Hot Tub Reviews


Choosing a Wellis hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. This type of tub has a lot to offer, including a close-cell foam system and UV-C rays for disinfection. In addition, you can choose a tub with a foot massage system and an Easy4 control panel.

History of Wellis spas

Founded in Hungary in 2003, Wellis Spas is Europe’s leading spa manufacturer. Their products are available in Europe, the Middle East, and North America. They are renowned for their innovation, quality, and reliability. Despite its small size, Wellis has made its mark in the industry, with its products being rated among the best.

Wallis spas are built with state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee the quality and safety of your bathing water. They also come with built-in entertainment and sports facilities. In addition, you can customize your hydrotherapy experience to your liking. They also have an advanced water treatment system to ensure your tub is free of bacteria and viruses.

Easy4 control panel

Whether buying a new hot tub or upgrading your current one, the Easy4 control panel from Wellis is a good choice. It features an easy-to-read lighted LCD, a multifunction color touch screen, and a menu system to help you keep track of your various settings.

The control panel is also compatible with WiFi and can be connected to a computer at your home for easy monitoring and control. Aside from the obvious functions, the conference features five different water treatment settings, including an eco-friendly option.

One of the most impressive features of the Easy4 control panel is its ability to keep track of your hot tub’s various settings. The display also boasts the ability to alert you to different error messages. The system also features a purge cycle, which lowers the temperature of your hot tub by 20 deg/11 degC.

Closed cell foam system

It would be best to consider the insulation style when buying a new or used hot tub. New models can be more energy efficient and increase your “R” value. However, you can find issues later if the insulation style is unsuitable for your needs.

The thermal barrier insulation system used in Wellis spas is a great choice. It’s designed to prevent waste heat from being drawn into the hotel’s base. Like a standard cooler, this insulation system is attached to the bottom of the spa cabinet.

Closed cell foam is installed all around the spa cabinet. The foam is made up of certain gas that makes it strong. It’s also resistant to leakage. When cured, the foam becomes very hard. But it’s also strong enough to walk on without significant distortion.

UV-C rays for disinfection

Using UV-C rays for disinfection in wellies and hot tubs is an ideal way to ensure safe bathing water. These disinfection devices effectively disinfect almost all bacteria and viruses in the water. They are also hypoallergenic. Using UV-C for disinfection in wellies hot tubs helps reduce the need for chemicals.

UV-C rays for disinfection are very safe and easy to use. They also reduce the need for bromine. Using UV-C for disinfection is effective by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. However, it is essential to use caution when using UV-C rays for disinfection.

The Wellis UV-C Stainless Steel disinfection system uses 18-watt ultraviolet bulbs to emit high-intensity UV-c light. The disinfection system is compact and durable. It can last for up to a year.

Feet massage system

Adding a foot massage system to your hot tub can add value and functionality. A foot massage system provides a therapeutic and relaxing massage, which relieves sore feet. It also helps the body release endorphins, a brain chemical that feels good.

A foot massage system in a hot tub may include a reclining seat, eliminating height differences. It can also be designed with various massage jets targeting different muscle groups.

The pulses from the foot massage system may be programmable, which allows you to control the strength of the massage. It may also include color therapy lighting to enhance the massage experience.

Cost of a wellies hot tub

Despite its humble origins, Wellis Spas has become Europe’s premier hot tub manufacturer. Located in Hungary, the company has over 300 employees and production units that can produce more than 100,000 units a year.

The company’s products include tub covers, thermal roofs, poolside coverings, and built-in water features. They also offer excellent customer service. They also have a unique filtration system that uses antimicrobial cartridge filters. Willis has won many awards at exhibitions throughout the world.

The company’s patented AquaSoul sound system is a watertight element that can be connected to an intelligent device with a Bluetooth connection. It also provides remote access through a home WiFi network.