What Features Should You Consider When Buying a Microwave Grill?


If you are looking for a microwave grill, there are several different features that you should consider. These include Dynamic Crisp function, Auto cooking programs, Fully mechanical design, and Accessories. These features will help you find the perfect microwave grill for your home. In addition, the features that you should consider when buying a microwave grill will make your cooking experience a lot more enjoyable.

Dynamic Crisp function

The Dynamic Crisp function on Hotpoint microwave grills helps you achieve the perfect cooking results. Whether cooking a full English breakfast or a pizza, this function ensures the food comes out crisp and golden. It also has an Autoclean function to make cleaning easy without the need for additives. This brand of microwave oven is popular for its value and intuitive options. Its compact design allows you to fit more dishes into your kitchen while delivering various cooking options.

There are many automatic cooking programs to choose from. These include Defrost Dynamic, Reheat Dynamic, Crisp Dynamic, Cook Dynamic, Steam Dynamic, and Microwave. Each program lets you select the type of food you want to cook. You can find these settings on the door lip or in the manual.

With Dynamic Crisp, you can use the microwave and the grill at the same time. The heat is absorbed through the Dynamic Crisp plate, which heats the food from below. This function offers chicken, fish, vegetables, and minced meat programs. It even promises warm bread!

The Hotpoint MWH 27321B has both a grill and a microwave oven. While it doesn’t have an oven, it grills well. It has a wire rack for grilling and a non-stick metal Crisp Plate to place on top. It also comes with a clip-on handle for the pan.

Auto cooking programs

Auto cooking programs are one of the main features of Hotpoint microwave grills. These programs have pre-set times and temperatures for a variety of foods. They also have an automatic-cleaning function that cleans itself with heat and water. In addition, Hotpoint microwaves have a self-cleaning grill to avoid splatters. This feature makes them an ideal choice for making gratin, casseroles, and lasagna.

The combination model of the Hotpoint microwave grill and microwave has many auto-cooking programs to help you easily prepare your meals. It can roast a whole chicken in just 37 minutes and is equipped with adjustable power levels. It also has a useful user manual with helpful recipes and cooking charts. It is a good choice for smaller households. It claims to reach every part of your food.

Hotpoint offers a built-in microwave with a 20-liter capacity and 1000W power for more convenience. It also features a rotary knob and touch control that allows you to control the cooking temperature. The microwave also has a large LCD, so you can easily see how much food you’re cooking at any time.

Fully mechanical

A Fully mechanical Hotpoint microwave grill is a great choice for anyone looking to cook at home. It is equipped with a microwave and a grill and has a large cooking capacity of 20 Litres. In addition, it has a 30-second timer and has the power to cook food up to 650 watts. This model also features a Crisp Dynamic cooking mode, Grill + Microwaves mode, and Convection Bake mode.

It is easy to clean. The microwave has an AUTO CLEAN function, which allows you to clean the interior of the microwave cavity without removing the cover. You should run the unit for about 10 minutes monthly to burn off spilled food or liquids. Be careful not to operate it in a room where you could burn yourself.


If your microwave grill has stopped working, you need to find a way to repair it. First, make sure the appliance is unplugged. You can do this by opening the microwave door and removing the grill. Then, you can remove the control panel. The control panel is attached by two screws and can be removed by lifting it and pulling it forward. Then, locate the switch assembly and remove it.