Which Need For Speed Game is the Best?


Whether you’re looking for a game that simulates driving in the real world or want to try something that’s a little different, there’s a need for a speed game for you. But which one is the best? Here are some things to look for when searching for one.

Need for Speed: Undercover

Despite its lack of content, Need for Speed: Undercover is still an enjoyable game. The game is built on the same formula as the Need for Speed: Most Wanted series, but the reboot makes for a much shorter campaign.

The game offers an interesting storyline and a fun multiplayer mode. It’s also an open-world racer with an impressive amount of cars. However, the game lacks a few key features, such as drag racing and drag races.

The single-player campaign offers a chance to compete with real-life famous drivers. But, it’s not the most exciting thing about the game.

There are also a few technological innovations. One of these is the super-elastic AI that slows down other racers when you crash. The other is the new customization system based on skill points. It’s also the first game to feature a head-to-head mode.

In addition, there are also two hundred events to complete. These include night races with police chases and illegal encounters. In addition, you can take part in official tournaments.

Need for Speed: Rivals

Developed by first-time developers Ghost Games, Need for Speed: Rivals is a next-gen race and chase title. The game features an open world that is inspired by California, with particularly beautiful desert areas.

Need for Speed: Rivals features a single-player campaign, and also offers an always-online multiplayer mode, AllDrive. This connectivity feature allows players to join up with up to five other players, and compete in head-to-head races.

Need for Speed: Rivals also features Pursuit Tech, which gives cars offensive abilities. The game also features a progression system to increase acceleration and durability.

Need for Speed: Rivals also has a high-stakes rivalry system, which lets players wager racing points for higher multipliers. The game is also equipped with a Damage Meter, which penalizes players for wrecks.

Need for Speed: Rivals also uses the Frostbite 3 engine developed by Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment. This engine provides realistic graphics and a lush open world.

Need for Speed: Rivals features cars that are upgradeable through virtual currency. Players can customize their cars by choosing body paint colors, license plates, and other features.

Need for Speed: Payback

Despite its flaws, Need for Speed: Payback is an entertaining open-world racer. It mixes tight racing and arcade-style action. It is one of the better entries in the franchise.

The game is set in the faux-Las Vegas environment of Fortune Valley. The racers compete in various racing events. They are beset by a secret organization called ‘The House’. The group controls most of the city.

The game features a hefty vehicle roster with 74 different vehicles, most of them available through downloadable content. They include the new Pagani and Subaru BRZ, as well as classic icons from the ’90s.

Payback boasts an impressive day-night system that makes racing during the night and during the day more exciting. There are also plenty of collectibles to find and earn. Players can also purchase aftermarket parts and speed cards with their earned cash. Getting to the finish line is important, as winning events increase your Reputation Level.

Need for Speed: Payback is the first game in the series to use microtransactions, although the system is not as harsh as it could be. Players can purchase new speed cards and body mods by betting cash. Some challenges require players to make small sums, while others require a larger payout.

Need for Speed: World

Developed by EA Singapore and EA Black Box, Need for Speed: World is a massively multiplayer online racing game (MMO). It is the first Need for Speed game to offer an open-world environment and multiplayer racing. The game features level-based driver progression, an extensive car customization system, performance package upgrades, and more.

Need for Speed World features more than 150 miles of roads. There are more than a dozen vehicles to choose from, as well as a talent tree that lets you build your racer. Players can choose a prosecutor or prosecuted, and select from a variety of single-player races and multiplayer modes.

Need for Speed: World is the spiritual successor to Motor City Online. In addition to racing, the game features social features, such as talent trees and character customization.

Need for Speed: World is a realistic 3D racing MMO. The game features smooth visuals, level-based driver progression, and more. It also features a number of different game modes, including police chases, tuning cars, and racing against other players.