Won Kok in Chantilly Offers a Great Dim Sum Menu


If you want quality Chinese food with fast service, Won Kok is a great choice. While the prices are not cheap, they are also very affordable. They offer a wide variety of dim sum, which you can order from their menu or take home. Won Kok also offers delivery, which can be very convenient when you don’t have time to visit the restaurant. The menu changes frequently, so it’s important to check ahead.

Dim sum

Ordering a dim sum can be a confusing process. Most won Kok restaurants do not have printed menus, so guests are encouraged to select their food from carts circling the dining room. However, in some cases, dim sum restaurants may provide a picture menu to easily find the dishes you want to order.

Tian’s Dim Sum is known for its pan-fried turnip cakes, chive and pork dumplings, and BBQ pork rolls. There’s even a vegetarian dim sum option on the menu called luohan Zhai. In addition to traditional dim sum, the restaurant serves Belgian beers.

Won Kok also offers dim sum take-out service so that you can enjoy your meal any time. You’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of items, from steamed to baked, savory to sweet. In addition, the dessert menu includes egg custard tarts and sesame balls.

Dim sum menu

Dim sum restaurants are not just restaurants with dumplings and noodles; they are also a place to learn about the culture and traditions of the region. Dim sum restaurants are often decorated in a traditional Chinese style and are also known for their service. The waiter will take your drink order in a typical dim sum restaurant after you’ve been seated. Chinese culture is highly hierarchical, and servers are rewarded with a 15 to 20 percent tip. This is a tip that is divided among all the waitstaff. Dim sum is filled with lots of variety and is a filling meal.

Dim sum is also known as yum cha, which means to drink tea in Cantonese, and dian xin, which means “to touch the heart.” It’s a popular dish in Hong Kong and is a great way to enjoy Cantonese cuisine. Dim sum is often served as an appetizer or brunch and is best enjoyed on a small plate. Some restaurants serve dim sum all day, while others only serve it during the lunch or dinner hours.

Delivery fees

Won Kok is a great Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. They offer fast service and quality food for a reasonable price. They also offer delivery through Postmates. To order from Won Kok in Chantilly, you can use the Postmates app or go online to place an order.

Won Kok is a small mom-and-pop Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum around the clock. You can order baked char siu bao for a dollar, and you can even order complimentary Pu-erh tea to accompany your meal. Their signature dish is the sesame ball, with a smooth red bean center. Other popular baked items include the coconut bun and rice cake.

Dim sum options

You’ll find about 30 to 60 types of stuffed dumplings, savory pastries, and steamed buns on a typical dim sum menu at won Kok. While these dishes might not appeal to your typical American palate, they are worth trying for those who want to experience authentic Chinese cuisine. You won’t find sweet and sour pork or pepper steak here, but turnip cakes, crispy taro dumplings, bean curd rolls, lotus root patties, and so much more.

Dim sum is like a Chinese version of tapas, and it is a meal that’s meant to be shared. These finger foods are served family-style and are usually accompanied by a pot of tea. Many consider Hong Kong to be the home of dim sum, and plenty of excellent restaurants in the city serve authentic dim sum.

Dim sum restaurants typically provide an order card with a picture of the available dishes, and you can fill out the card before sitting down. Some also provide a tea refill station in the form of a teapot. If you’re eating with a group, you’ll likely share a table with them. That’s a common practice in Asia.