Arcteryx Beta AR Jacket Review


The Arcteryx Beta AR is a highly protective 3-layer Gore-Tex Pro shell jacket built for all weather conditions, including rain, sleet and snow.

The high collar, separate from the hood, seals comfortably around your neck while providing extra abrasion resistance against backpack straps. Furthermore, its adjustable hood makes for easy climbing or skiing experiences.


When out in harsh conditions, the Beta AR keeps you dry. Pack it into your backpack knowing that if the weather worsens, you have an extremely capable rain shell ready and waiting, making this jacket ideal for mountain adventures. Arc’teryx has earned itself a stellar reputation as an innovator of construction techniques; their innovative construction techniques shine through this jacket’s features, like its consistent 1.6mm seam allowance and meticulously taped seams, which create an overall feeling of bombproof quality.

This jacket combines 80D and 40D face fabrics with the Gore-Tex Pro membrane to produce an unexpectedly durable yet confidence-inspiring feel. However, that durability comes at a cost: at 16.5 ounces for medium size, it is not an agile hardshell like Patagonia’s Storm10 and Pluma jackets.


Arcteryx is both loved and hated by backpackers for two reasons: Their travel and rain jackets are among the finest ever created for backpackers, yet their price tags can be shockingly steep; The Beta AR is no exception, weighing 1 lb, even for men’s medium sizes!

This durable jacket is constructed with Gore-Tex Pro membrane technology, offering up to 28% more breathability than its predecessor. Furthermore, its Gore C-knit backer fabric can reduce weight by up to 15% without compromising performance levels.

This jacket is highly breathable, helping keep the wearer cool without becoming wet and cold in hotter climates. Its design features include an attractive high collar that seals around your neck for extra warmth when hiking, four adjustment points on its storm hood, full pockets, pit zips, and an ergonomic balance ideal for hiking.


The Arcteryx Beta AR jacket is ideal for backcountry, skiing, backpacking, and ice climbing. Constructed from Gore-Tex Pro fabric with fully taped seams for added waterproof protection against downpours or snowfall that would wet out other shells, its DropHood helmet-compatible DropHood and durable nylon face material make this jacket stand out.

This jacket is comfortable to wear and works well with harnesses and packs, with pockets easily accessible when carrying loads, an adjustable hemline to block drafts, and its microsuede collar providing warmth without rubbing against your chin or riding up on your neck.

However, this jacket isn’t as breathable as other hard shells; after long hikes or backcountry treks, it can feel restrictive and stuffy. While its pit zips offer ventilation, they don’t release much heat; Arcteryx could improve upon this aspect in future versions of the Beta AR. Meanwhile, their Alpha FL lightweight rain jacket offers better breathability.


The Arcteryx Beta AR jacket is an excellent option for outdoor adventurers seeking durable outerwear capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. Constructed of sturdy fabric for maximum protection against elements and designed to look stylish.

This jacket is constructed using N40D Gore-Tex Pro fabric, a three-layer waterproof/breathable membrane that’s highly durable and long-wearing, even under extreme rock abrasion conditions. Additionally, reinforcement has been placed at areas likely to wear down first, such as the hood and shoulders, for extra support.

The Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket is one of the most versatile hardshell jackets on the market, boasting durable construction and weather protection to make it suitable for mountainous adventures. However, one potential drawback of this rainproof shell is its slightly heavier weight; but that should not deter anyone from experiencing its benefits! Suitable for traveler backpacking trips as well as outdoor adventures.