Better Than Pants Reviews


Better Than Pants have created a pair of pants that provide all the best features of both skirts and dresses without all their button/zipper hassles. In addition, their fabric is machine washable and made with two-way cotton from Turkey for ultimate stretchiness and ease.


Better Than Pants feature a slim fit designed for walking, which makes them an excellent companion for outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking. Light enough for hot days while remaining durable enough to manage sweat, heat, and humidity effectively; tough enough for trail use and wild camp sitting; provide warmth during those chilly mountain nights while resisting spills, grime, and spillage (coffee spills roll off easily and light rain showers pass without incident); spilled coffee beans roll right off.

Not designed with exercise in mind, they make excellent travel pants despite their purpose. While not as comfy as rugged hiking trousers such as Patagonia’s Quandary or OR’s Ferrosi, they are still suitable for sightseeing adventures – while performing just fine on long walks back to your hotel at night!