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One tech company is in hot water after posting an offensive job listing that went viral, prompting widespread outrage from members of the public and their allies. Apologies were extended, yet those attempts at placating public opinion only resulted in further anger being expressed against them.

Reddit users reportedly discovered a job listing that indicated only white candidates should be considered for a Salesforce business analyst and insurance claims contract position with HTC Global and billionaire Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway as clients.

Job Description

Arthur Grand Technologies Dallas requires its candidates to fulfill multiple responsibilities, including troubleshooting corporate applications and providing end-user support. Working with remote software tools like Bomgar can also be essential. All escalation procedures should be observed while keeping records of each call for future reference; additionally, this position requires performing comprehensive technical reviews on the output produced by other team members.

Arthur Grand Technologies has since issued an apology, but public outrage against them remains fierce. On Reddit, users have encouraged others to report Arthur Grand Technologies for discrimination and shared Texas Workforce Commission and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission emails for reporting purposes. Others have encouraged any employee at Arthur Grand Technologies to file suit against it.

To reduce tension, the company released a statement on LinkedIn alleging that the offending job listing was caused by “a malicious act by an ex-employee who feels wronged by our policies.” In response, they fired the individual responsible and initiated legal proceedings.

The initial posting for a Salesforce business analyst and insurance claims contract position on Indeed was shared widely via social media and quickly went viral, sparking outrage among many users.

This job listing stated it was intended only for US-born, white candidates and has since been removed by the company, and its Twitter and Facebook accounts are becoming inaccessible.

Arthur Grand Technologies boasts an average annual salary of $119k, significantly higher than other companies within its industry and location. You can discover different company salaries by browsing the below list; our advanced search feature also allows for easier comparison between similar jobs in the same industry.


Tech company Arthur Grand Technologies is coming under fire after posting an advert targeting only white candidates for its Salesforce business analyst and insurance claims contract job listing on Indeed Tuesday, quickly going viral after being shared across Reddit and social media platforms. While their site remained offline Wednesday, and their Twitter and Facebook accounts returned only the WordPress installation page – the Virginia-based firm later removed their ad when they realized their mistake and apologized profusely.


No firm figure can be given on an Arthur Grand Technologies salary; it largely depends on job title, location, and company size. However, software engineers typically receive approximately an annual income of about $109k at this company.

Arthur Grand Technologies of Virginia is under fire after its job posting online called for only white candidates to apply. The Salesforce business analyst and insurance claims positions listing went viral Tuesday evening on Reddit and other social media. Arthur Grand Technologies provides digital transformation services for federal, commercial, state, and local government clients such as HTC Global and Berkshire Hathaway-owned BNSF/GEICO brands such as clients.

The company issued several LinkedIn posts to apologize for the position and quickly ignited more outrage online. They initially blamed it on a new junior recruiter they had just hired; later, they claimed the individual who edited and reposted the job ad was an unhappy former employee who altered and reposted it without authorization.

The company emphasized that they do not tolerate discrimination and that all employment decisions are based on an individual’s qualifications for employment while also asserting that they are a minority-owned firm committed to diversity. Some commenters, however, have pointed out insufficient evidence supporting its claims; others noted discrepancies within its ever-evolving narrative; many people encouraged others to file discrimination complaints with federal agencies, while some users who identified themselves as attorneys encouraged employees to file suit against the firm.


One tech firm was under scrutiny following an offensive job posting on Indeed that demanded only white candidates for an open Salesforce business analyst position in Dallas listed under HTC Global/Berkshire Hathaway as clients. After receiving widespread backlash over their recruitment strategy, HTC Global/Berkshire Hathaway released an apology statement and blamed an “inexperienced junior recruiter.”

Arthur Grand Technologies made it clear it has an antidiscriminatory policy and that it is a minority-owned business, as well as investigating this incident. Additionally, they posted an apology message online. They removed any offending listings while clarifying that no connection existed between Arthur Grand Technologies and the recruitment agency whose job post went viral.

Experience with SAP TPM, AP/AR, and CCS design and development; experience with Cash pricing, CCM, and IPC development in global solutions development support capacities; consulting background that excels at working in quickly-paced environments.

Arthur Grand Technologies Inc, established in 2012, is a consulting firm. Employing 135 people out of its Ashburn, Virginia, location, Arthur Grand Technologies provides business process consulting and software implementation services to federal, commercial, state, and local customers. Their most recent fiscal year saw revenue reach $29 Million with net income going $8 Million – they currently enjoy an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau! For more information, please visit their website.