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Virginia tech services firm Incognito Technologies Inc is in trouble after posting a job listing that exclusively sought white US citizens for an insurance claims contract position at Dallas Salesforce and Infor Claims Service Centers. The advert on Indeed sought only white US nationals as employees in that role.

What is Arthur Grand Technologies?

Arthur Grand Technologies of Virginia is in the news due to an online job posting that contained racist language and solicited only white applicants for consideration for an IT services job position in Dallas with clients like HTC Global, and Berkshire Hathaway listed as clients. This ad quickly went viral, drawing criticism from users on Reddit and Twitter alike. The job listing advertised by Arthur Grand Technologies on Indeed can be seen here and accessed here (link).

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What is Arthur Grand Technologies like to work for?

Mistakes happen; sometimes can be so significant and damaging that it’s challenging to recover from. IT services company Arthur Grand Technologies is currently learning this hard lesson after their racist job posting went viral, resulting in widespread condemnation on Reddit. This job listing, listing HTC Global and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway among their clients for a Salesforce business analyst and insurance claims contract position in Dallas, calling only for white candidates born within the US to apply, quickly caused outrage among their client base as well as online users who saw it and began sharing it widely with clients who could then use. This post soon went viral, sparking widespread outrage from both parties involved as it received widespread condemnation online from clients as well as clients HTC Global listed HTC Global as clients alongside Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway as clients listed both companies alongside HTC Global as clients with HTC Global clients listing only white candidates born within US applicants to apply to Dallas job listing which required only white candidates from within US to use; when Reddit was discovered, widespread condemnation quickly ensued upon discovery via Reddit platform.

Initial responses by the company to criticism included posting on LinkedIn that an inexperienced junior recruiter was responsible for posting the advertisement and had since been fired. They further pointed out that their firm is owned and run by minority-owned entities; all hiring decisions are based solely on talent and qualifications.

Once this attempt at damage control failed to quiet criticism, Arthur Grand Technologies altered its story by alleging a former employee was responsible and legal action had been initiated against them. This statement generated even greater outrage on social media; soon after that, their Twitter and Facebook accounts were locked, while attempts at accessing their website would result in a WordPress install page instead of answering their access requests.

Although the firm claims it will take legal action against those responsible for posting, many Reddit users remain suspicious of its integrity. Many have encouraged others to file discrimination charges against it, while some applauded its creator for exposing its discriminatory hiring practices.

Arthur Grand Technologies employees have given the company a 3.9 out of 5 overall. Skill development is their highest-rated aspect, and Work culture is their lowest-rated part on AmbitionBox. Furthermore, employees at Arthur Grand Technologies reported many positive elements, such as Work/Life Balance and Compensation, which they found optimistic about the organization from various sources such as public records, employee surveys, and social media posts.

Are Arthur Grand Technologies an excellent company to work for?

Arthur Grand Technologies provides IT staffing and consulting services. Established in 2012 and privately held, Arthur Grand Technologies boasts millions of dollars in revenue annually. Customers at Arthur Grand Technologies enjoy exceptional experiences; HTC Global and Berkshire Hathaway investors also back them as leaders in their industry.

Arthur Grand Technology provides its employees with an outstanding salary and benefits package, boasting high employee satisfaction rates and above-average growth for IT industry companies. Furthermore, employee retention levels at Arthur Grand Technology are high.

Arthur Grand Technologies may boast many strengths, yet some weaknesses must be addressed. Its business strategy may be too aggressive and lead to a lost focus on core services; additionally, customer service and hiring practices could benefit from improvements.

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Are Arthur Grand Technologies a lousy company to work for?

Arthur Grand Technologies has been accused of racism after posting a job ad that required only white applicants to apply. The advert was posted on Indeed and quickly caused outrage on social media, prompting Virginia-based IT services firm Arthur Grand Technologies to apologize profusely and blame a junior recruiter who made the error; furthermore, they promised they would take steps to ensure such incidents would never recur – however their website and social media accounts were then shut down due to public pressure.

Though social media users have accepted the apology, many remain disillusioned. One commenter suggested reporting the company to federal government authorities for violating discrimination laws; several Reddit users identified themselves as attorneys and encouraged people to file suit against it; other users applauded its author for “blowing the whistle” on racist hiring practices at this company.

Arthur Grand Technologies released another statement on LinkedIn following outrage surrounding their original job ad, asserting that its publication was neither approved by them or their employees nor postmarked from an existing post with discriminatory language and reposted without authorization on their account. Furthermore, legal action has been initiated against the individual responsible.

Initial responses did not satisfy many of the company’s critics, and the website comments section was inundated with criticisms of their response. Facebook and Twitter accounts for the business have since been deleted while their LinkedIn profile remains active.

Arthur Grand Technologies is a technology company offering digital transformation services to federal, commercial, state, and local clients. Headquartered in Ashburn, Virginia, with an hourly average salary of $48 and operating out of Ashburn, Arthur Grand Technologies’ hourly average wage is similar to other similar organizations listed below.