Asphalt Paving Services


Asphalt paving services can assist commercial properties with repairing, maintaining, and extending the lifespan of their paved surfaces. Timely repairs of cracks, potholes, depressions, and upheavals can save businesses money in terms of reduced structural damages in the long run. Best way to find the Asphalt companies Oakland.

Cracked asphalt surfaces should be repaired as soon as they appear; failure to do so may lead to more advanced asphalt defects such as alligator cracking, water seepage, and further damage.

Site Preparation

Site preparation is an extensive multistep construction process that encompasses all the preparatory tasks needed to prepare a project site, from land clearing and demolition through excavation, grading, and earthmoving. Our professionals possess both the experience and equipment necessary for managing each step of this complex task.

At this step, we prepare the surface of your existing asphalt pavement and may recommend adding a layer of new asphalt as a strengthening measure to enhance current pavement strength. This approach offers an economical and sustainable solution to improving driveways or parking lots without needing to be repaved or reclaimed.

Our team can assist in selecting and mixing the appropriate material for your paving project, which is essential to its overall quality and strength.

An essential step of the preparation phase involves marking any underground utility lines present. Doing this helps avoid hitting them accidentally and incurring costly delays in construction projects. Our professionals use equipment such as backhoes to mark these lines effectively and prevent accidents or any issues on-site.

As soon as the preparation phase is completed, we’ll recycle your old asphalt into a new and stronger aggregate for your paving job. This helps our environment by decreasing landfill waste; additionally, our crews are familiar with Cal Green requirements and will handle debris appropriately to maintain environmental compliance.

Asphalt Mixing

Asphalt pavement combines aggregates (such as crushed stone, recycled concrete slags, or by-products), bitumen, and additives to build or repair roads, parking lots, driveways, or any paved surface. Depending on factors like traffic volume and type, its lifespan could range anywhere between 10-15 years for new installations compared with 20 years or longer with overlays.

At this stage, aggregates are heated and mixed with bitumen to produce Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). Once complete, this material is loaded onto special trucks or transporters and delivered directly to construction sites across Canada and internationally. Samples of HMA are then taken regularly and tested to ensure they conform to specific specifications and quality standards.

Asphalt mixes can be produced using either a drum mix plant or batch mix plant, with both producing HMA by heating and mixing aggregates with bitumen; their aggregate sizes may range from small to multiple sizes, and the amount of filler material added will depend upon which recipe is selected from the control panel.

Cold mix asphalt differs in that its aggregates are mixed without heating them, leading to faster mixing time, reduced energy use and emission levels, and less emission of fumes into the atmosphere. Cold mix is often recommended for lightly trafficked roadways.


Asphalt forms the backbone of most roads, highways, and parking lots. Though designed to withstand heavy vehicular traffic and environmental elements, constant use can cause it to wear away over time, leading to surface distortions such as rutting, shoving, and depressions, which compromise its load-bearing capacities and compromise its load-bearing capabilities. Poor road design choices, low-quality materials, or lack of regular maintenance can further compound this issue.

Paving involves applying hot or cold asphalt mixtures to create a new surface for driveways, roads, and parking lots. Wolf Paving uses undercutting as a unique technique that digs down two to three feet to replace soft clay soil with more robust aggregate material for improved performance – we also offer alternative solutions such as geo-grid as cost-cutting alternatives that still provide a strong foundation for asphalt surfaces.

Once we’ve finished laying the sub-grade layer, we move on to installing binder and surface layers. The binder layer combines large aggregate with oil for increased strength and durability of structure, while the surface layer contains finer aggregate for aesthetic purposes. Once complete, heavy rollers compact it for structural integrity and to avoid any potential voids or gaps that might develop during paving.


Asphalt pavement offers a convenient and durable solution for residential and commercial property owners looking to construct or repair driveways, parking lots, and roadways. Not only is asphalt aesthetically pleasing – making a good first impression upon passersby – it requires regular maintenance in order to retain both its looks and functionality. However, it must be adequately cared for if its appearance and functionality are to remain unchanged.

Maintaining asphalt requires sealing it regularly to protect it from environmental and external influences, while seal coating can extend its lifespan by two to three times. Learn about four primary ways that seal coating can protect asphalt surfaces and when to apply new coatings.

Patching small cracks in asphalt surfaces is another essential preventative maintenance activity, often caused by constant vehicular and pedestrian traffic, that, if left unrepaired, can lead to pothole formation and cost you both money and prevent more considerable structural damage to your pavement surface. Repairing minor cracks early will save money in the long run while protecting it against more extensive structural damages.

An asphalt surface should be regularly cleaned to remove debris, such as weeds or moss, that has taken root on or near its surface, including water that might pool underneath it and weaken it over time. Standing water can further weaken asphalt.

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