How to Ace Asphalt Paving


No matter the extent of the repairs needed for your driveway, our professionals are here to help. From minor cracks and dents repair, before they become dangerous potholes to complete overhaul, we have you covered. Best way to find the Asphalt companies Virginia Beach.

ACE Asphalt offers recycled cold mix asphalt, known as ECONO-PAVE(tm), at half of the cost and better for the environment than traditional asphalt pavement resurfacing techniques. Plus, it’s just as strong!


No matter whether it be new construction or repair, our crews work quickly and professionally to get the job done. They pay attention to detail by making sure the foundation of a driveway or parking lot is solid before paving. A strong base can prevent water from seeping in and freezing over, pushing apart surfaces over time. Furthermore, we use 3″ blankets of asphalt instead of cutting corners with lesser material; although this may cost slightly more, it is well worth your while!

Commercial and private asphalt overlays are one of the most cost-effective ways to revitalize an outdated roadway or driveway; using our Perma Flex system, we can restore smoothness and durability at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Physical reinforcement material ACE XP can be added to asphalt mixes in order to increase performance and life span without changing their construction methods – it can be laid, worked on, rolled out, and finished precisely like regular asphalt pavement! Furthermore, it’s fully recyclable!


Asphalt repair is an economical solution to bring new life to aging pavement. This method targets specific damaged areas like potholes and large cracks to restore the smoothness and durability of the surface, eliminating minor issues before they escalate further, requiring costly reconstruction costs. Utilizing infrared technology to reheat existing asphalt, which liquefies it for reworking, adding fresh asphalt onto this melted material before finishing by compacting to create an entirely new surface finish rake and compacted before final raked and compacted, yielding brand new surfaces each time!

Crack sealing is an effective maintenance practice designed to prevent moisture and non-compressible materials from penetrating asphalt surfaces. Cracks are identified and routed using a Marathon carbide-tip crack router in order to create a reservoir for sealant application before being filled in using premium asphalt sealants that protect the surface against weather-related deterioration while increasing its visual appeal.

Asphalt surface deterioration can often be traced back to harsh weather conditions and heavy traffic. Sealing pavement with a high-quality sealant helps avoid damage while prolonging its lifespan and saving money in the long run. In addition, sunlight-blocking properties protect it against oxidation and color fading, while prior to application, the pavement must be thoroughly cleaned for maximum adhesion and uniform appearance.


When asphalt surfaces show signs of severe wear and tear, it may be time to consider resurfacing as a solution. Resurfacing applies an entirely new asphalt layer over existing ones while making use of old pavement as an anchoring force and foundation. While sealcoating may serve more as a preventive and protective treatment option, resurfacing is used more to address significant problems like potholes, valleys, and cracks that sealcoating cannot.

Milling and resurfacing can be cost-effective methods of rejuvenating asphalt surfaces without the expense of complete reconstruction. Milling/resurfacing also makes sense when your surface shows widespread deterioration but still maintains a sound base beneath.

Resurfacing involves spraying on a hot rubber-based emulsion followed immediately by spreading uniformly-sized aggregate chips of uniform sizes, providing flexibility while simultaneously providing durability. After this has set in, the surface must then be rolled to settle and allow quick curing time.

As well as resurfacing, we offer repair of potholes, patch damaged areas, and level low spots in your parking lot or private road. With our ECONO-PAVE recycled cold mix formula, we can deliver high-quality resurfacing material at half the price of traditional asphalt that’s still strong and durable – saving money over time while improving the safety, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your property.


Sealcoating asphalt surfaces is an effective way to guard them against weather-induced damage and normal wear and tear, as well as extend their lifespan. There are a few critical steps involved with the process that must be adhered to for its success;

Before beginning any seal coating job, it is crucial to clear away all debris or clutter from the area. This includes pebbles, trash, and anything that might obstruct water and air flow across surfaces, such as pebbles and trash. Furthermore, using a degreaser on your driveway is also recommended to get rid of dirt and oil build-up that has built up. Again, make sure all sprinklers are switched off a day prior to and one full day post-process commencement.

Before scheduling a seal coating appointment, it’s wise to check the weather forecast. If there is any chance of rain or snowfall, reschedule the project for another time – seal coating can only be performed on asphalt that is dry and over 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ace Asphalt’s experts specialize in providing top-quality paving repairs, resurfacing, and driveway construction services – they also offer free estimates on their services to ensure a hassle-free experience! Whether it be repairs to pavement, resurfacing of existing drives, or installation of brand new driveways.

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