ASUS TUF Gaming FX505 Review


If you are looking for an excellent gaming laptop, you will want to consider the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505. This model is equipped with a powerful processor, impressive hardware, and features ideal for gaming.

IPS screen

If you are looking for a gaming laptop on a budget, the Asus TUF Gaming FX505 is worth a look. It has a sturdy build, an affordable price, and an impressive display. Featuring AMD Ryzen processors, this laptop can help you play your favorite games at high resolutions and frame rates.

The IPS screen on the FX505 is a decent choice for everyday use. While it is not entirely as accurate as the TN panel on the FX504, it is still an option for those who want a great visual experience.

The IPS screen on the TUF Gaming FX505 has a 16:9 aspect ratio and comes with a 144Hz refresh rate. The IPS display provides good contrast and a low color temperature. However, the colors are a little inaccurate at higher saturation levels.

The TUF Gaming FX505 also features a 120 Wh battery. This is a bit on the low side for today’s standards. It is also slightly undersized. It lasts for one hour and thirty minutes at full brightness.

MIL-STD-810G rated

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505 is worth a look. It comes with the latest 8th-generation Intel Core processors, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, and plenty of features to keep you entertained. In addition, the laptop is available in Red Fusion, Gold Steel, and Red Matter color options.

The keyboard is equipped with the company’s Overstroke technology, which enables fast and precise control. In addition, the keys are spaced out in a broader layout and include translucent WASD keys. This provides the user with an easy reach and grip. It also has RGB backlighting, which can be controlled via the TUF Aura Core panel.

The FX505 has been tested to withstand shock, vibration, and altitude. It also passed the military standard MIL-STD-810G. However, this certification does not include tests for water or liquids.

A three-cell powers the TUF FX505DY, 48 Watt-hour lithium-ion internal battery. As a result, its battery life is slightly shorter than the manufacturer claims. The laptop comes with a 1TB hard drive and 256GB PCIe SSD.

Battery life

The Asus TUF Gaming FX505 offers a solid mid-range gaming laptop. Despite some drawbacks, this is a worthy buy for gamers looking for a reliable notebook at a reasonable price.

Despite its entry-level design, the TUF Gaming FX505 packs a lot of power. The Intel Core i7-8750H processor can be overclocked to 4.10GHz and comes with 6GB of dedicated Nvidia GTX 1060 GPU. In addition, the TUF FX505 can also be equipped with an 8th-generation Intel Core i7-8550U or Core i5-8300H.

Battery life is essential, but it is not always a sure thing. There are several factors to consider. For instance, do you want to play a game in a brightly lit room? A 144 Hz screen has a negligible impact on battery life. You can dim the screen and get more power from the battery.

Fortunately, the TUF Gaming FX505 does not take long to charge. You can enjoy around seven hours of use on a full charge. This is better than the two-hour Asus claim but not as long as you would expect.


One of the latest mid-range gaming laptops is the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505. It has a full-sized keyboard, a good display, and decent performance. However, its battery life is mediocre. It lasted for about 3 hours and 30 minutes when used for moderate usage.

An 8th-Gen Intel Core i7 processor powers the TUF Gaming FX505. It has 12 threads and can reach a maximum 3.9GHz. It has a 144 Hz refresh rate to minimize motion blur. It also features a 7.1-channel Surround sound. It comes with 16GB of RAM and a PCIe SSD.

The FX505 has an IPS display. It’s not as accurate as a TN panel, but it’s still a decent option for everyday use. Asus’s TUF series is known for its solid build and is built to handle daily tasks. The laptop is also designed to withstand minor bumps.

While the FX505 is relatively compact, it isn’t as rugged as other Asus models. Instead, it has a thick metal hood slightly less flexible than other laptops.